7 dreamy headboard ideas that will make lounging in bed look stylish

We love these beautiful headboard ideas from our pros

Headboard ideas are so dreamy. Here is a light pink headboard with a dark wooden trim with white sheets on it and pink and green gingham and striped throw pillows on it
(Image credit: French Bedroom)

If your bed is lacking wow-factor, finding headboard ideas is a quick way to change how it looks without having to change up the whole bedframe.

Sweet dreams are definitely made from these beautiful ideas design experts love. From playful DIYs to refined metallic touches, whether you're looking for a relaxed look or a luxe one, we've got you covered.

When looking for bedroom ideas, being mindful of finishing touches like the headboard will help make your sleep space look as stylish as possible.

Headboard ideas we're swooning over

Headboards work as both large and small bedroom ideas and can easily be added to most beds. 

Our experts have recommended different styles throughout, so we have shopped these in case you want to get the look.

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1. Go natural

A light brown rattan headboard on a bed with white sheets, a pale pink throw pillow and mustard throw on it, with a wooden nightstand to the left with a silver jug of flowers and a book on it, against a dark brown wall

(Image credit: Loaf)

Bring the outdoors with a headboard crafted from natural materials such as wood, bamboo, or rattan, which are all fab Scandi bedroom ideas.

“A reclaimed wood headboard adds warmth and character to your bedroom, infusing the space with rustic charm and organic appeal,” explains Nina Lichtenstein, principal designer and owner of Nina’s Home Design.

For a more tropical vibe, opt for a bamboo or rattan headboard (we like this Wholesale Interiors Open-Frame Headboard from Wayfair).

2. Pick metallics

A bed with a black metal headboard, two gray pillows and a throw, a light pink sheet, with a white shelf with a mirror, framed wall art print, and a light green plant on it

(Image credit: Danetti)

Make a bold statement with a metal headboard that commands attention and that will add a touch of luxe.

“Choose a wrought iron headboard for a timeless look that pairs beautifully with both traditional and contemporary furnishings,” explains Nina.

You can also choose sleek and modern designs in brushed or polished metal for a touch of sophistication, such as this Modway Sage Metal Headboard from Walmart

As a bonus, metal headboards are also a breeze to clean, making them the ideal choice for those who love low-maintenance options.

3. Build your own

A light brown wooden headboard with white sheets and pillows in front of it and two framed pink wall art prints and a slim vase of brown dried flowers above it, and a white brick wall behind it

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Building a headboard is one of our favorite small bedroom DIYs, thanks to how much of an impact it can have on a room.

“Old doors and palettes can be converted into headboards to give the headboard a more rustic or vintage look,” explains Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer and founder of Arsight.

If you like, Artem says you can learn how to upcycle a furniture piece and paint your headboard the same color as your room’s palette, or just leave it as it is for a natural finish.

4. Go upholstered

A bedroom with yellow walls and a pink bed with purple, blue, and orange bedding

(Image credit: Molly Mahon)

Headboards can not only work in your bedroom aesthetically, but they can also work functionally too, for those days you want to lounge in bed with a cup of tea. 

“For a touch of luxury and sophistication, consider an upholstered headboard in plush fabric or sumptuous leather,” says Nina.

She continues, “Choose a tufted design for added texture and visual interest, or opt for a sleek and streamlined silhouette for a more contemporary look.”

If you’re looking for coastal bedroom ideas, this stunning Mercer41 Veronique Headboard from Wayfair is reminiscent of ocean waves.

5. Hang up a wall-mounted headboard

A yellow bedroom with a purple florall wall mounted headboard, a yellow bed with throw pillows, and a wooden side table next to it with flowers and a yellow lamp next to it

(Image credit: Future PLC / Jon Day Photography)

Create a seamless look with a wall-mounted headboard, which will offer great support when you’re propped up in bed.

Nina says, “Choose a padded panel upholstered in fabric or leather (such as this Art3d Peel and Stick Headboard from Amazon) for added comfort and style, or opt for a minimalist design in wood or metal for a more contemporary vibe.”

Wall-mounted headboards are especially perfect for small bedrooms or spaces with limited square footage, as they maximize every inch of floor space.

6. Drape over a tapestry

An orange and brown patchwork tapestry hanging above a dark brown wooden bed with white sheets with an orange trim

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Want to achieve the headboard look on a budget? Simply drape a tapestry behind it to achieve a similar look.

“A tapestry or a big piece of fabric with an attractive texture or design can add a touch of color and pattern, giving it a gentle and artistic look.”

This alternative is one of our go-to boho bedroom ideas for instantly adding vibrancy and character.

7. Try contrasting materials

A light pink headboard with a dark wooden trim with white sheets on it and pink and green gingham and striped throw pillows on it

(Image credit: French Bedroom)

You might not be able to decide between a bougie upholstered headboard and a boho wooden one. Don’t worry — you can get ones that channels both styles.

“Create the look of a chic European hotel by picking a headboard with a wooden trim and an upholstered middle, so you can still comfortably lie back and relax,” Artem says.

This doesn’t even need to come at a high price either, as this budget-friendly George Oliver Davd Headboard proves.

Whether you prefer sleek and modern or cozy and rustic, there's a headboard style to suit every taste and bedroom aesthetic.

“Your headboard is more than just a functional piece of decor — it's a statement piece that sets the tone for your entire bedroom decor,” Nina finishes by saying.

For more inspiration, you might want to check out Urban Outfitters headboards, as they're all seriously dreamy.

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