The best Urban Outfitters headboards that let you drift off to sleep in style

Time to catch some Zs

Two of the best Urban Outfitters headboards photographed in boho-styled bedrooms on a peach-colored background
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Since home is where the bed is, why not peruse Urban Outfitters' most stylish headboards to complete the look of your sleep sanctuary? (Boho bbs are going to find a lot to love.) 

We know for a fact you've already stocked up on those adorable Urban Outfitters throw pillows — we, too, might be guilty of similar behavior — so why not take your decorating a step further? Have a look at the cozy essentials and tie it all together with a furniture upgrade. 

If you're going to petition for Rat Girl Summer to become a year-round mindset, one thing's for sure — the bed of your dreams is non-negotiable. Be sure to also have a look at these super-enviable bedroom ideas if you're searching for cute looks to emulate.

The 9 best Urban Outfitters headboards for bedrooms

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From boho beauties to unorthodox selections (that iridescent number, tho!) the best Urban Outfitters headboards serve up plenty of style, no matter what look you're going for.

Headboard FAQs

Do you *need* a headboard?

While there is no rule demanding that you purchase a headboard, you should seriously consider it. Aesthetics aside, the furniture will offer support while you sleep and it acts as a barrier between the bed and the wall. You'll appreciate the lack of scuff marks, especially if you're a renter

What are some styling tips?

First things first, Ashley McNamara, home furnishing business leader for beds and mattresses at IKEA US, suggests finding a purpose for your bedroom. That will clear up any confusion about the way in which you want to decorate your sleep space.

"Do you like to read or watch tv, snack, or relax with your loved ones in bed? Or do you view the space as your private sanctuary where sleep and relaxation are the main focus," she asked. 

Once you've taken care of functionality, it's time to concern yourself with style‚ a.k.a. the fun part.

"Consider the height of your pillows compared to the height of the headboard," she added. "It’s always a great idea to add layers and textiles to your bed; it can really help ensure your bed style aligns with your personal style. Ensure there is some space between pillows and headboard so that one does not overshadow the other."

What is a floating headboard?

A floating headboard, a.k.a. hanger headboard, does not get attached to your bedframe. Instead, it's fastened to the wall behind the pillows. 

What are headboard alternatives?

If you're not quite convinced, there are headboard alternatives worth exploring. For example, you can accentuate the wall behind your bed with bright, bold peel-and-stick wallpaper, a piece of art, or a colorful tapestry

While you're shopping, be sure to also have a look at our favorite Urban Outfitters bookshelves, organizational products, and shower curtains, too. 

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