We've rewatched the tour a zillion times, and this is how to get the 'Barbie' movie Dreamhouse look IRL

Making your Dreamhouse dreams come true, bby 💞

Pink barbie Dreamhouse on pink checkered background
(Image credit: Warner Bros/Mattel)

Girlypops, this is not a drill: Architectural Digest has dropped an in-depth first look at the set of the Barbie movie, and we are HERE FOR IT. 

In a special edition of their Open Door series, we follow producer and star Margot Robbie through Barbieland (and most importantly, the IRL Barbie Dreamhouse carefully constructed for the film). We're obsessed with the bright yellows, pastel blues, and endless pinks that make up the sweet candy color scheme, the Palm Springs-inspired vibes, and the recurring motifs of iridescent acrylic, flamingos, bubbles, and ofc, all pink everything.

Although Robbie spills that a majority of the decor pieces we see are custom-made, especially for the set, we promise, you can still bring the Dreamhouse look into your space with this Barbiecore decor edit, where we're breaking it down room by room.

Barbie's Living Room

A still of Barbie's living room in the Dreamhouse

(Image credit: Warner Bros/Mattel)

The first room we see in the tour is the living room, and just like many of us, Barbie is an open-plan queen. That being said, she does kind of take it to the extreme by not having any walls in the Dreamhouse at all. 

"Not super practical, but nothing is for Barbie," Robbie says.

The retro vibes of the furniture and decor, on the other hand? Sign me up.

"Because Barbie was invented in 1959, it felt like we could ground everything in that look," director Greta Gerwig says. 

"Our main timeframe was the invention of Barbie through to now," set decorator Katie Spencer adds. "They're timeless pieces, which also have an echo to the actual toys that are in the Dreamhouse that Mattel makes today."

So besties, scroll on for the pink-themed mid-century modern furniture of your dreams:

Barbie's Bedroom

Margot Robbie in Barbie's Dream House bedroom

(Image credit: Warner Bros/Mattel)

This room def puts the 'dream' in Dreamhouse. From the heart-shaped velvety bed to the magical closet that picks out the perfect outfit for Barbie every morning, it's clear that Barbie's bedroom is one of the highlights of her space. Recreate the look and have sweet dreams of your own with these cozy-yet-cute, colorful decor picks.

Barbie's Backyard

A still of the Barbie Dream House pool and backyard

(Image credit: Warner Bros/Mattel)

From the perfectly polished waterless pool and adorable floaties to the slide down from Barbie's bedroom, the outdoor vibes are *chef's kiss.* Personally, I'm working with a lil apartment balcony, but if you're blessed with any form of a backyard (or even better, an outdoor pool), these picks are perfect for you.

Barbie's Kitchen

A still of Barbie's hot pink kitchen and a tropical plate with a heart-shaped waffle

(Image credit: Warner Bros/Mattel)

IDK about you, but my favorite part of the Dreamhouse growing up was definitely the kitchen. I loved the colorful dinnerware, pastel cookware, and bright pink walls and stovetop, and the chance to recreate that feeling in my grown-up space has my inner kid's heart soaring. These pieces bring both style and function (a major win-win), and will make cooking a hundred times more fun.

Even More Barbie Decor

The Barbieland entry sign

(Image credit: Warner Bros/Mattel)

Can't get enough Barbiecore? Same, sis. Shop even more vibrant, fun, and funky decor for every corner of your space below, and bring as much Barbie aesthetic into your home as you want to create your very own Dream House:

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