8 colorful small bathroom ideas approved by design experts

Colorful small bathroom ideas to inject some personality into your W.C.

Yellow bathroom on left with pink and blue bathroom on right
(Image credit: HomeWithSisi/WithHelenAndCo)

If you're looking to mix things up, try out these colorful small bathroom ideas to go with a non-traditional design. Out of everywhere in your home, your bathroom is the one place you can be totally experimental — no limits.  While, sure, this might be a little much for a living room, in a bathroom you can really go wild and it won’t ruin your zen. 

There are plenty of ways to bring a touch of color to this space — rich-toned tiles, a patterned floor, a colorful shower curtain, stand-out wallpaper, or just a good old-fashioned lick of paint. And, I’m here to do the leg work, so that you don’t have to. 

If you have a tiny bathroom in your rental, just like me, don’t worry! Bright colors actually look incredible in teeny spaces and are just one of many small bathroom ideas designers recommend. 

8 colorful small bathroom ideas 

From jazzy peel-and-stick wallpaper to bright tiles, these colorful small ideas are here to wow and inspire. This space is unique in that we only spend a very limited, specific pocket of time here every day so whether you go for a rainbow spectrum of bright hues, a hand-painted mural, or repeat-pattern wallpaper, it’s not going to stress you out.

1. Paint your own mural

Colorful pink and blue bathroom

(Image credit: @homewithsisi)

Be bold and get creative in a colorful small bathroom by slapping some paint on the walls and bringing your very own wall mural to life. This is an amazing way to make your bathroom completely unique — after all, no one else will have a wall mural like yours, will they? 

If you’re nervous, look to influencer Sisi for inspiration and mural wall ideas. Her playful wobbly shapes aren’t too difficult to carry off, but they do look amazing. For super-fine details, try using some paint pens like these jumbo paint markers available on Amazon which come with just about every color you're going to need.

Start by printing a design you found online or sketching it out freehand. Then trace everything in a light coat of paint, fill it in, and add more and more layers until the mural is vibrant and saturated. 

2. Try the color drenching trend

Bright pink bathroom

(Image credit: @stasiabuckle)

Matilda Martin, Trend Specialist at home decor brand Lick, says color drenching is about as on-trend as you can get. “Color drenching is where you essentially cover the entire room in one color, painting the walls, ceiling, and even cabinets or other furniture or furnishings," says Martin. 

You can pick from just about any color to embrace this maximalist style. Try something vibrant like this daffodil yellow from Lick or a pastel shade like this bubblegum pink color from Lick.

"Here, we can see that this influencer has opted for a really bright hue — which is the best way to make an impact — and has even painted the radiator to complete the trend,” says Martin.

Matilda Martin

Matilda Martin is Trend Specialist at home decor brand Lick, as well as Editor of the Lift the Lid magazine. 

3. Use accessories to add color

Mustard yellow bathroom with plants and accessories

(Image credit: @overatno18)

I love this small colorful bathroom because it hits the mark in so many ways and while, of course, the marigold paint color (like this warm sunset color from Lick) and rich green tiles (like these bathroom tiles from Wayfair) are to die for alone they wouldn’t make the same impact. It’s actually influencer Geri’s styling that really brings this look home. 

Note the patterned bath mat, colorful plant pot, checkered towels, and, my personal favorite, the mini, sapphire-blue footstool. All of which creates an eclectic feel that gives this space a unique look It’s called layering, baby.

Thankfully, we selected a range of the best bath mats for small bathrooms to add a fun pop of color to your space. We also shopped for plenty of cute plant pots to show off all your succulents, spider plants, and fig leaf plants.

4. Eclectic wallpaper

Colorful bathroom with dog print wallpaper

(Image credit: @honeyidressedthepug)

For a long time, wallpaper had a bad rep. Seen as out of date, and totally 80s (in a bad way), no one wanted to go anywhere near it. But, personally, I’m here to say: no more. 

What was once totally passe is now well and truly back in fashion. Patterned, busy wallpapers are giving and should be embraced in a small colorful bathroom — the chintzier, the better! It's pretty easy to pull off, as installing peel-and-stick wallpaper is as simple as just sticking it to the wall.

I’m obsessed with this cutesy pattern and as an aspiring dog mom myself, I’m feeling pretty tempted to buy this peel-and-stick dog wallpaper available from Wayfair. So, if you have a top section of wall in your bathroom that could be transformed with patterned wallpaper, try it!

5. Embrace juxtaposition

Salmon pink bathroom with white bathtub

(Image credit: @mycolorfulfloridise)

Candy Murray, Interior Style Manager at Soho Home, says that juxtaposition is the key to good design. “What we’re always trying to stay away from is the obvious; we don’t want our interiors to look matchy-matchy or overly contrived," says Murray.

Experiment with different color combinations for small spaces to find something that feels right to you. "Layer different scale patterns together, aesthetics from different time periods, and contrasting colors to create a genuinely unique look. It’s about harnessing the unexpected," says Murray. 

Here, influencer My Colorful Floridise mixes pink tiles, like these blush ceramic tiles available on Wayfair, and wallpaper in different styles, plus a mix of warm and rich colors. She also uses woven, glazed, and rough materials for a really eclectic feel. 

Candy Murray

Candy Murray is Interior Style Manager at Soho Home.

6. Colorful light fixtures

Colorful bathroom with hanging lights

(Image credit: @notlanecrawford)

Setting the mood in a colorful small bathroom always starts with some great bathroom lighting ideas. “At Soho House, we often say that lighting is the most important part of any room,” says Murray. “First off, there’s no point having a gorgeous decor scheme if the lighting is totally off, as it will ruin the atmosphere and cast unflattering shadows."

Pendant lights, like this pack of three colorful pendant lights available on Amazon, are a great choice for adding some ambiance. "Not only is pendant lighting a design-forward look in a bathroom, I love that this creator has chosen three different colors to correspond with the rest of the bathroom's color scheme. It feels super considered.”

7. Opt for a color scheme and stick with it

Yellow bathroom with white bathtub and yellow flowers

(Image credit: @homewithhelenandco)

Of course, we’d all love the opportunity to re-tile the entire room, but updating a rental bathroom isn’t always an option when creating a colorful small bathroom. However, Home With Helen and Co is a real inspiration in how sticking with one color scheme can make a whole load of difference. 

Yes, her tiles are yellow (like these golden yellow ceramic tiles from Wayfair), but notice how she’s picked out this sunny hue in the flower she’s chosen, shower curtain, candles, and vases. The lesson is: You can bring color with even the smallest of decorative items if you stick with it. 

Brainstorm your favorite bathroom color ideas then coordinate everything else you buy to go with your chosen shade.

8. Pick playful storage

Green shower with basket storage

(Image credit: @studiodiy)

There are so many things that are right about this picture: the  Moroccan-inspired tiles (like these glossy green tiles from Wayfair), the pattern-repeat flooring, heck, the bohemian rug (like this vintage-inspired bathmat available on Amazon) has got me in a tizz. But, what really brings it home is the attention to detail which in this instance, means the well-picked storage baskets

In case you didn’t know, woven baskets, like these neutral woven baskets available on Amazon, are the best storage for a small bathroom as they can be moved around easily, manipulated for whatever needs to be kept inside, and still look chic. Choose some with an interesting flourish like this, and it could be the touch of color your bathroom has been looking for. 

Colorful bathroom buys


Can a small space really take a lot of color?

Yes, absolutely! If you’re nervous, use the color drenching technique which picks out just one prominent color and makes it easy to use that everywhere. Plus, it disguises the smallness of the space and makes it harder to notice tiny corners. 

What’s the best way to introduce color into a small bathroom?

Always, accessories. Toothbrush holders, bath mats (like our favorite Urban Outfitters bath mats), hand towels, and storage baskets are all perfect for bringing a pop of color into a small bathroom. If you can’t change the big stuff, focus on the little bits. 

I hope you feel inspired to add some color to your bathroom, whether it be a big-impact technique like painting the walls or simply adding a cute bath mat. While you may be leaning towards a more neutral space, covering your bathroom in top-to-bottom color can actually be really beneficial in a small bathroom. 

"While you might have assumed that light colors benefit a small area, this trend actually creates the illusion of space," says Martin. Choosing to keep the walls and floor neutral is a good move though because it stops the scheme from feeling overpowering and instead, is totally design-led.