8 boho small kitchen ideas recommended by design experts

Embrace these boho small kitchen ideas to add a relaxed atmosphere to your space

Neutral boho small kitchen with wooden cabinets and white countertops
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Start decorating with these boho small kitchen ideas to incorporate warm colors, natural textures, and touches of greenery. Short for “bohemian,” the boho style is unconventional, free-spirited, and incorporates elements from many different cultural styles. 

A great way to infuse some warmth and energy into your kitchen, boho style is great for creating a laid-back atmosphere, welcoming to everyone. Although boho style can incorporate many different elements and the style isn’t rigidly defined, one thing is for certain: boho style is all about feeling effortless and eclectic. 

In order to inject some of this easy, breezy influence into your own kitchen, experts recommended some great small kitchen ideas you can easily try in an apartment or tiny space. From creating a countertop herb garden to decorating with color, there are plenty of reasons for embracing the boho aesthetic in your small kitchen. 

8 boho small kitchen ideas to try

From adding more eclectic decor to using open shelving, boho decor is about embracing the free-spirited nature of design. Here are eight ways to incorporate these ideas into your own kitchen. 

1. Embrace bold and dark colors


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Forgot neutral and all-white kitchens. When it comes to a boho small kitchen, there's no reason to stray away from dark, bold, or bright colors. Although it can be the safer option to decorate using neutrals, embracing the boho way of design means leaning more toward all types of colors for an eclectic look.

Boho design tends to embrace rich earth tones, like this espresso brown color from Benjamin Moore or this warm terracotta color from Lick. You want to choose a color that will be visually striking and add a comforting feel to the room.

2. Mix textures and materials

Urban Outfitters

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Mixing textures and materials is a hallmark of modern bohemian design. Although it might seem complex to mix various materials and styles to create a cohesive small kitchen design, experimenting should be fun, to be taken on with a free-spirited approach. 

“Boho style is about mixing textures and patterns, old and new, and not following trends,” Soledad Alzaga advises. “Use a wicker hanging light above an island, wood stools, and baskets for storage.” 

There might not be any hard and fast rules in boho design but taking it one step at a time will allow you to create a space that feels eclectic without being overwhelming. Your kitchen design can be slowly built over time as you bring in more objects and design elements from your finds. 

Soledad Alzaga
Soledad Alzaga

Soledad Alzaga is an interior designer at her own firm Soledad Alzaga Interior Design. She has been a professional designer for more than 15 years. 

3. Incorporate Macrame


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Naturally-dyed textiles, such as macrame hanging planters and handwoven rugs are a great way to add more earthy tones and worldly elements into your boho small kitchen. You can make your own macrame at home pretty easily, or you can pick up this budget-friendly planter basket with wooden beads from Amazon.

If your kitchen has a corner not in use, consider building out a small sitting area, ideal for morning coffee alone or inviting a friend to help you cook. Boho design is all about the warm inviting elements and textiles can help bring that sentiment to life. 

4. Add plants (and more plants)

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There’s nothing more bohemian than embracing plant life in your small kitchen. Whether you choose to hang up ivies or display a few succulents on your shelves (among your vintage and travel finds), adding plants creates a healthier and happier kitchen.

You can even create your own indoor herb garden on your windowsill so you can actually use what you're growing. Say goodbye to shop-bought basil packets! 

You may want to do a little research on the best plants for small spaces so you don't end up killing your new additions. Check your lighting and humidity before picking anything up.

5. Display your pantry items

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(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

There’s nothing more “boho fresh” than the feeling you have from returning from the farmer’s market with your healthy ingredients. As an appreciator of all things natural, boho small kitchens make the food a centerpiece with wire hangers and bowls displaying fruits and veggies. Get creative with some kitchen shelving ideas to display all your goods.

From decorating your refrigerator with clear bowls, like this glass fruit bowl available on Amazon to leaving lemons on the counter as a morning reminder to add them to your water, healthy foods (and displaying healthy foods) are a great way to add more color and life to your kitchen. 

6. Opt for natural materials

Urban Outfitters

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

A closeness with nature is necessary in a boho small kitchen. Natural materials, such as handwoven baskets or natural linen cloth napkins are a great way to incorporate a more bohemian style. Interior designer Mohammad Ahmed suggests going one step further by mixing a variety of styles using natural-looking items. 

“Incorporate a variety of textiles and patterns,” he suggests, “like a Moroccan tile backsplash, patterned floor mats, or textured wallpaper, to bring depth and interest to the kitchen,” says Ahmed. 

A picture of Mohammad Ahmed in a brown suit
Mohammad Ahmed

Mohammad Ahmed is an Interior Designer and Home Expert. He received his bachelors degree in Interior Designing at the University of Minnesota in 2013 and since then has worked as an interior designer in various companies, designing functional and beautiful spaces for clients. 

7. Display handmade decor


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“To add a sense of boho in your kitchen, choose materials like tile with a handmade texture, hardwood floors or cabinets, and add personality and layers to your design,” interior designer Alzaga suggests. 

“Use open wood shelves where you can store and display stoneware plates, bowls, and cookbooks.” 

From collecting handmade bowls, like these colorful ramen bowls available on Etsy, to displaying your unique purchases from your travels, creating an eclectic kitchen is a great way to add a more bohemian style to your kitchen. 

8. Add vintage items


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Vintage items are often very unique (and sometimes even one of a kind). If you enjoy shopping for vintage in stores or online, you can use this decor in your boho small kitchen design. You can find plenty of thrifting inspiration on TikTok to get started.

 “Incorporate vintage finds and handmade items for an authentic boho vibe,” he says. "Think antique wooden spoons, woven baskets, and hand-thrown pottery.”

Of course, make you give anything you pick up from the thrift store a good wash before using it. You can get some good use out of our favorite dishwashing hacks to get the job done right.


Can I incorporate boho style into a minimalist kitchen?

Absolutely! By carefully choosing one or two ways to inject boho style into your kitchen (for instance, choosing to add a few plants or colorful tea towels), you can change the style of your space without changing your personal preference for minimalism. 

How can I maintain functionality while incorporating boho small kitchen decor?

From handmade baskets to colorful storage boxes, there are plenty of boho-style organizing solutions that can keep your kitchen organized and functional. 

Don't forget about other elements like small kitchen lighting which can play a big factor in the look and feel of your space. Try incorporating some string lights, like these budget-friendly fairy lights available on Amazon, for added ambiance.

Whether you need a head-to-toe kitchen makeover or just want to incorporate more fun elements into your kitchen, boho design is a great way to add a warm and relaxing atmosphere to your home. 

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