Bi-fold and sliding doors: 10 stunning design ideas

Enhance your conservatory or kitchen, and create an effortless indoor-outdoor link with our pick of the best bi-fold and sliding door ideas

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Bi-folding or sliding door designs can make a great addition to a home as part of an extension or renovation project. Coming in a wide range of versatile customisable and bespoke designs, bi-folding doors work great for creating a link between the inside and outside, as part of a conservatory or orangery, or an open-plan kitchen or dining room. Those with a patio or decking area will love bi-fold doors as part of an outdoor living or outdoor dining design, to say nothing of being able to see your garden even when you’re not using it. We have rounded up the most stylish and versatile bi-fold and sliding door designs to inspire you.

Read our practical guide to choosing bi-folding or sliding doors to get the low-down on all the essentials.

1. Update your conservatory with a graphic bi-fold design 

Conservatories and orangeries are the first candidates for bi-folding doors, and with good reason. Designed to bring the garden indoors visually, these rooms really benefit from being as transparent as possible. Adding some interesting with metal casing will introduce an elegant, graphic dimension to the room. 

This conservatory has been kitted out with doors by Architectural Bronze Casements

doors by Architectural Bronze Casements

(Image: © Architectural Bronze Casements)

IDSystems sliding doors

Sliding doors by IDSystems

(Image: © IDSystems)

If your priority is to maximise space and create a fluid connection between your indoor and outdoor living area, then sliding doors will be your best bet. Using the same flooring indoors and out will enhance the unifying effect. 

The sliding doors in this indoor-outdoor living space are from the Pilkington Suncool Range – they are not only unobtrusive and versatile design-wise, but will keep your home cool, making them especially useful for South-facing rooms.

Pilkington Glass Suncool Range

(Image: © Pilkington Glass)

3. Maximise natural light in a dark room 

Have a dark kitchen that faces a small walled garden or patio? Introducing bi-folding doors will help maximise space – and natural light. Choose a painted design in white or ivory for a delicate and weightless look.

This kitchen has been fitted with Engineered hardwood folding / sliding doors finished in a microporous paint by Scotts of Thrapston.

Scotts of Thrapston bi-fold doors

(Image: © Scotts of Thrapston)

4. Enhance a kitchen diner with a wall of doors

A long garden-facing kitchen diner will look stunning with bi-folding/sliding doors all along the length – not only stylish, but also useful for illuminating the kitchen when it’s in a corner. 

This stunning design by Anglian Home Improvements goes all-out on doors – and roof windows to boot!

doors by Anglian Home Improvements

(Image: © Anglian Home Improvements)

5. Go minimalist in a contemporary interior 

XP Slide Panoramic doors from Express Bi-Folding Doors

XP Slide Panoramic doors from Express Bi-Folding Doors

(Image: © Express Bi-Folding Doors)

If you like your interior to be streamlined and serene, it’s important to get your doors right too. Avoid an overly ornate design in a contemporary home, opting instead for a simple, contrasting frame. 

This contemporary living room design is by De Rosee Sa

Blue House by De Rosee Sa

(Image: © De Rosee Sa/Alex James Photography)

6. Introduce bi-folding doors in a balcony or terrace

Even a small balcony or terrace can benefit from the space- and light-enhancing properties of bi-folding doors. With the doors open, your outdoor space won’t feel so tiny after all.

This home transformation by Scenario Architecture makes the most of a small space with the use bi-folding doors.  

Wide Illusion by Scenario Architecture

(Image: © Scenario Architecture/Matt Clayton)

7. Go for a floor-to-ceiling ultra-modern design 

In a large home with an ultra-contemporary design, bi-fold doors may look a little busy – if the space permits, why not go transform a whole wall into a sliding door, creating a completely open-plan look?

This stunning minimalist, monochromatic design is by IQ Glass.

Black-and-white pool house by IQ Glass

(Image: © IQ Glass)

8. Go for classic bi-fold design in a traditional extension

Thinking of extending to create a conservatory or orangery? A traditional bi-folding design will work well, opening the room up into the garden on warmer days.

This orangery design is by Westbury Garden Rooms

Orangery by Westbury Garden Rooms

(Image: © Westbury Garden Rooms)

9. Combine different door styles in an awkward space

Unusually-shaped rooms will benefit from a flexible approach – a combination of sliding and folding doors. Go bespoke to get the best results.

This bespoke design is by Scenario Architecture

design by Scenario Architecture

(Image: © Scenario Architecture)

10. Open up access to the garden with corner doors

Homes with a difficult or awkward access to a small rear garden will benefit from a sliding door solution. 

This corner-access garden has been opened up with chic, industrial-style sliding doors by Maxlight.

Maxlight sliding doors

(Image: © Maxlight)

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