7 sweet spring front door ideas to try this season

We love these fresh and fabulous spring front door ideas

Spring front door ideas like this one are so pretty. Pictured is a pastel pink front door with a pink and blue wreath on it, bunting above it, and white, purple and pink flowers in pots in front of it
(Image credit: Future PLC / David Brittain)

Finding spring front door ideas is a wonderful way to make your entrance look enchanting and inviting. 

We have asked design experts what they use to brighten them up and let us tell you, we're feeling seriously inspired. Gorgeous floral wreaths, fun spring mats, and lovely lighting are just some of their go-to tips.

If you're looking for spring decor ideas and want to spread those seasonal vibes to the front of the home, your door will be one of the easiest and most impactful areas to zhuzh up.

Delightful spring front door ideas

Whether you're searching for spring porch ideas or want to spruce up your little doorstep, these adorable ideas are all worth trying.

Our experts have suggested useful product types throughout, and our team has curated matching picks to help you start styling your dreamy door.

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1. Go for green accents

A white front door with a heart decoration on it, with brick walls either side and two green topiary plants either side too

(Image credit: IPC)

We love seeing shrubbery turn a different color as sunnier days arrive, which is why we like the idea of celebrating lovely leaves at the front door.

“Embrace the freshness of spring by incorporating vibrant greenery accents into your spring front door,” says Nina Lichtenstein, principal designer and founder of Nina’s Home Design.

She suggests hanging a lush garland of fresh foliage (we like this Sullivans Eucalyptus Garland from Target) along the doorframe or porch railing to add a touch of natural charm.

Alternatively, you can decorate with potted plants or topiaries (Walmart shoppers love this Dr. Plantzen Cedar Topiary) for a refined finish.

2. Choose a spring wreath

A white house and pink front door with a floral wreath and bunting above it, with a table in front of it with flowers, jam jars, and a basket on it, with a stool and a bike to the right hand side

(Image credit: Future PLC / David Brittain)

Give your front door a burst of color and fragrance with a blooming beautiful spring wreath.

“Opt for wreaths adorned with seasonal flowers such as tulips, daisies, hydrangeas, or cherry blossoms in cheerful hues of pink, yellow, purple, and white,” Nina says. "Complete the look with a coordinating ribbon or bow for a polished finish."

We're loving this Ynylchmx Spring Wreath from Amazon, which comes in nineteen different color options. Or, you could always make your own spring wreath.

As well as florals, you could also go for Easter wreath ideas, which always look egg-cellent (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves!).

3. Paint it a spring color

A bright pink front door with white framing around it and a pink flower bush to the left of it

(Image credit: Getty Images)

If you’re taking your spring reset to your front door, go bold with a fresh coat of pretty paint.

“Choose bright or soft pink, yellow, or blue colors to give your front door a subtle pop of color and create a welcoming atmosphere for visitors,” says Jonathan Faccone, design expert and founder of HALO Homebuyers.

One of our favorite spring shades is Lick Pink 05 Matt Paint, which is a warm shade with earthy undertones.

If you can’t paint your door (renters, we know your pain), Jonathan suggests making a wooden sign with a distressed paint design for a vintage feel. These 12 inch circular wood slices from Amazon are perfect for DIY door decor.

4. Add a spring doormat

A yellow doormat that says 'bee happy' in black writing with a small Easter egg adorned tree in a blue bag next to it and a dark wooden bunny rabbit ornament next to that

(Image credit: Future PLC / Sussie Bell)

Picking out one of the best spring doormats has to be the quickest way to bring the season to your spring front door.

Jonathan says, “Switch out your doormat for a seasonal one, such as one with a spring design like flowers, butterflies, and bees."

For those who want their spring doormat to last into summer as well, we like this cute Ginnie Cat Doormat from Anthropologie which will work in both seasons.

"Opt for durable materials like coir or rubber that can withstand outdoor elements and heavy foot traffic,” Nina adds.

5. Hang baskets

A pale blue door with round mottled glass window, steel gray letterbox and two large hanging baskets on stone walls filled with purple, pink and orange flowers

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Add a touch of rustic charm to your spring front door with hanging floral baskets brimming with spring blooms. 

“Fill woven baskets or wire planters (we think the Nutsaakk Hanging Baskets from Amazon are a great price) with an assortment of seasonal flowers like pansies, petunias, violas, or primroses in a variety of colors and textures,” says Nina.

She continues, “Hang the baskets from the door knocker, porch ceiling, or railing using decorative hooks for a picturesque display with country cottage charm.”

Just be sure to water the plants regularly to keep them looking fresh and vibrant throughout the season.

6. Drape lovely lights

A cream door with six mustard yellow, light blue, and peach pink egg lights with floral cut-out patterns on them

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

Planning on hosting a spring soiree this season? Make your front door area an attractive place to step into by hanging up the best outdoor lights.

“String up some outdoor lights (these Minteom Fairy Lights from Amazon are so pretty) by your door, as their gentle glow will create an inviting mood in the spring evenings,” suggests Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer and founder of Arsight.

You could always intertwine these with ribbons (these PackagePerfectBows Pastel Ribbons from Etsy are adorable) and place them around your hanging baskets and plants for a whimsical touch.

7. Add large planters

A white stone planter with pink, purple, yellow, white, and blue tulips in it, in front of a green door and brick wall

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Seeing all the flowers pop out of the ground is a clear sign spring is here. Celebrate them by bringing the best gardening ideas to your front door.

“Add planters on your windowsills (these Hananojia Window Planters are Amazon's Choice) and around your front door to create a scene straight out of a storybook,” Artem says.

Some easy flowers to grow in planters include daffodils, cosmos, and tulips (these CZ Grain Purple and White Tulips from Walmart are stunning), which you can plant by themselves or bring together for a vibrant composition.

With these delightful spring front door ideas, you can infuse your home's entryway with all the charm of spring.

“Roll out the welcome mat, hang up the wreath, and get ready to greet springtime with style and flair,” Nina finishes by saying.

If your door needs more than a few decorations, you can also learn how to restore a front door to its former glory.

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