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Without a tray to tidy my papers and a pen holder to house my extensive highlighter collection, my mind and work schedule would be a mess *cue coffee cup spill.* A tidy desk makes all the difference, and I've learned the hard way by having to blowdry java-soaked paper on low heat. To make the most of all those inspiring desk organization ideas you've clocked on social, you're going to need desk organizers that'll do the heavy lifting. I'm all for investing in fancy organization products, but they need to be functional, too. Luckily, those options do exist. 

18 desk organizers for a cleaner (and cuter) workspace

I've featured only top-rated desk organizers in this guide. I also thought about what's most important for organizing a desk, no matter its size. These picks get credit and kudos for their ability to organize your office supplies neatly and aesthetically. Some even have famous backing behind them (hey, Marie Kondo!), and others are eco-friendly.

Whether you're looking for a desktop set-up or something to clean up the inside of a desk drawer, this list has it. Let's get straight to our picks.

Desk organizers for drawers

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Desk organizer sets

Desk organizers for files

Wooden desk organizers

Desk organizer shelves

Desk organizers for pens


When should I use a desk organizer?

We spoke with Jamie Hord, founder of Horderly Professional Organizing, about the logistics of using a desk organizer (or five) and to determine when you need to put a desk organizer to use. "Before you start purchasing organizers to get your desk organized, you need to know what your needs are in terms of functionality for you," she told us. So, it would be smart to go through everything you currently have on and inside your desk, and to collate them into piles of stuff. "You want to consider how much you have of each item, keeping in mind that not everything needs to live together," she adds. Then, if you find you have 12 fun highlighters to store, it makes sense to buy something for holding these. If you're someone who rarely makes notes or uses paper, skip the paper tray ⁠— you get the idea.

How should I organize my desk?

We've asked the experts at Zinus to find out exactly how you should be organizing your desk. “Keeping your desk organized will not only help to keep it looking aesthetic but also ensures it remains functional,” Victoria Cedeno, furniture extraordinaire and brand specialist says. “Think of your desk as a blank canvas, which can be accessorized depending on your needs." And to help prioritize, she says you want to “ensure you leave enough space for a laptop or monitor before introducing pen pots, a lamp, and a desk organizer for notebooks, papers, and other essential items." So, be practical… but then you can go wild!

What should I put in a desk organizer?

A desk organizer is a great way to declutter your desk and give a home to pens, paper, and other stationery pieces that usually are scattered around your workspace. Its purpose is to keep your most-used supplies close by. Items you use less frequently can be put into a drawer, cabinet, or shelf. Browse our home office storage ideas if you need some inspiration.

How we chose these desk organizers

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Christina Chrysostomou

Hey, I'm Christina, an ecommerce editor at Real Homes. Though I spend most of my day on a computer tapping away on my laptop, I fully endorse the use of a desk organizer. In this guide, I've made selections based on desk research of Amazon reviews, as well as considering style and functionality. Because, I think if it looks good and does the job, you'll be more likely to get some use out of it. So there's no excuse to scramble around the house for a pen or bit of paper when you need to take down some important information while on the phone.

Where to shop for a desk organizer?

Not (yet) found what you're after? You can find the perfect desk organizers to nail the home office idea you have in mind by visiting some of these top shops. 

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