9 of the best coffee tables with storage to stash away all of your stuff

May your coffee be strong and your home clutter-free

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Buying a coffee table for your home is peak adulthood, and I won’t hear otherwise! When I bought my first storage coffee table, I felt as though I could take on the world… or maybe just file my taxes without crying for three hours straight.

It’s not a piece of furniture you necessarily have to have, but it certainly feels like you have your life together when you find the perfect coffee table. After all, this investment piece of furniture will normally follow you from one rental apartment to the next, and maybe into the eventual home of your own… gulp.  

So whether you’re still holding onto your old-school teen magazines (you might need that copy of CosmoGirl from 2003 again, right?) or it's the number of coffee table books you couldn't bear to part with — maybe you have an obsession with throw blankets and need somewhere to put the 13 of them you own? It might be an idea to make the most of a coffee table with storage. 

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of stylish storage coffee tables on the market. All you need to do now is grab a cup of Joe, plonk yourself on the couch, and check out the furniture delights I’ve picked out for you. 

9 coffee tables with storage for decluttering your space

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What to consider when choosing a coffee table with storage

Firstly, consider the overall size of the item. If it's just too big for your room you won't enjoy using it, and the storage won't redeem it. In a very small space, go for a smaller item – you'll be surprised how even a small ottoman or storage coffee table will help keep things tidier. 

Next, think about the kind of storage you would prefer. Do you want open shelving, drawers, or perhaps a combination of the two? Some coffee tables also have cabinet space, magazine racks or holding compartments, or even dedicated book storage. If your coffee table has open storage, you'll have to make a bit more effort at keeping the contents neatly stacked. The joy of coffee tables with concealed storage is that you can just throw stuff in there, but they do tend to be bulkier. 

Finally, if you want a really hardworking piece, consider getting a lift-top coffee table with storage — you'll be able to work at yours as well as store things inside it. 

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