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Your life just got a whole lot easier — and tidier

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If you're enjoying the advent of WFH life, studying for your finals, or dotting between the office and your apartment as part of a new hybrid scheme, one fact remains: a desk with storage is essential. Yep, without a place to get your head down for some deep work or space to store your paperwork, files, and stationery (and even your handy desk organizers), you'll struggle to hold down a job or get that major. Indeed, a clean and tidy desktop, plus room to keep your WFH essentials is not only a matter of tidiness but also sanity. I, for one, know that a messy desk equals a messy mind. 

Fortunately, keeping your work-life balance ticking over requires little in the way of prep. Besides your laptop, charger, and office chair, the rest is done online. Of course, finding the right desk can be a little tricky, especially if you're on a budget or — like many of us — tight on square footage. Curating a tight roster of nine designs, I've made my selections on the criteria of affordability, functionality, and aesthetic excellence. Oh, and before you ask, yes, they're suitably sized for the average student, first-time buyer, and apartment renter's home. I know how important it is to nail your furnishings when you're short on space but big on taste.

9 desks with storage that you'll honestly love

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How much storage do you really need in a desk?

While it depends a little on the kind of person you are (I'm personally quite the minimalist), your desk's storage space shouldn't be too generous. I speak from experience when I say that fewer drawers mean less clutter. If you've ever wondered how and why your WFH station became so littered with random documents you no longer really need, it might be down to too much storage space. 

Provided you have the odd drawer or two, you're covered. All the more so now that everything is kept in the cloud. That said, if you're still a little analog in your ways, you'd be best to opt for something with drawer and bookcase space. Alternatively, you could deal with the problem more directly and invest in a small storage cabinet to keep your lesser-used items. Then, you can access the essentials — charger, notebook, and cable — without having to rummage through reams of junk. Do yourself a favor: Recycle that giant stapler — it's 2023.

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