Revealed: Mrs Hinch cleans her Shark vacuum – this is how

The cleanfluencer Mrs Hinch reveals how she cleaned her Shark vacuum. Here's how you can do it, too...

Shark vacuum - Shark DuoClean vacuum cleaner
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Our Shark vacuum cleaners do a fab job of keeping the home dust and allergen-free, but actually cleaning the vacuum is often an afterthought. It's no surprise that having one of the best vacuum cleaners at home, is a must. Especially with the ever changing seasons and weather. They can help to banish all the airborne, and settled, nasties in the home and relieve us from allergies such as pet dander. One with good suction, various attachments and the flexibility to accommodate our cleaning needs (in general) can last for a good number of years so really it's no surprise that with the amount of fluff (and stuff) we challenge it with, it needs a clean, too.

Good job we have Mrs Hinch – our cleaning idol – who can show us just how it's done. Keep scrolling for the top tips on how to clean the Shark DuoClean or if you're feeling inspired to get a new Shark vac, we list where you can buy one for the best prices.

shark vacuum - Mrs Hinch cleans her vacuum

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(Image credit: Mrs Hinch / Instagram)

Step 1: Empty the dust cup into the bin.
It'll need a clean inside and outside, including the pre-motor filter

Step 2: Remove the pre-motor filter (once a month)
Remove cover lid and slide off the foam filter; rinse both with warm water (no soap); allow filters to dry completely before returning them to the vacuum

Step 3: Use a damp cloth to wipe everything out.
Mrs Hinch even deployed her sonic scrubber to tackle the hard to reach places!

Step 4: the brushroll!
Slide both release buttons; lift off the cover; remove any string, hair or debris! You can run your scissors along the guide on the brushroll...

Step 5: Wash the soft roller
Only use water, and dry completely before reinserting

Step 6: Put back together
Return the brush cover and check the vacuum wand for any blockages

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