10 (indoor) home bar ideas so brilliant you won't even miss the pub

These home bar ideas are so stylish, so chic, so within the coronavirus guidelines...

Home bar Ideas
(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

Looking for some fab home bar ideas? Well, you are in the right place, because this weekend the first thing on our to-do list is to create some kind of cute at home drinks station to display all the lovely Christmas booze we have ordered. So we have done our research and come up with some really easy ideas to try out, and of course, we had to share our findings with you. So keep scrolling to get inspired – honestly we think with a setup like this at home who even needs to leave the house anyway?

If you are looking for bar cart ideas too, we have a whole feature for you to peruse, so head there next. 

1. Add an insta home bar with a bar cart 

Lily Pickard house: wooden drinks trolley

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies ©Future)

The easiest way to add a home bar? Get a bar cart! You can pick up a really cheap bar cart at places like Wayfair (opens in new tab) and Target (opens in new tab) and just style them up to make them your own with your best glassware, you can even add cute prints and houseplants.

2. Upcycle a vintage bar 

Home bar Ideas

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

Loving the retro glam vibes of this home bar. Recreate the look yourself by searching places like eBay (opens in new tab) and Etsy (opens in new tab) for a second hand bar cabinet, or actually, any glass-fronted cabinet will do. Give it a lick of paint if it needs it and fill up with all your booze and barware. 

3. Turn an alcove into an at home bar

blue living room with wooden bar cart, paintings and wooden sideboard

(Image credit: Matt Clayton)

Looking for something bigger and more permanent? Create an at home bar in an alcove of your home. Again have a hunt around for a second hand set up if you like the look of a more traditional bar, or you could create your own using a slim breakfast bar. 

4. DIY at at home bar

At home bar with black panelling

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

Lisa Dawson's at home bar is the envy of all the Real Homes team, no only is it always stocked with delicious looking drinks, it also fits so seamlessly into the space. You could quite easily DIY a similar bar if your skills are up to scratch and paint to match your home – don't forget to wall mount a couple of shelves too to display your prettiest drink bottles. 

Take a full tour of this stylish home for plenty more inspiration. 

5. Transform a piece to your furniture 

Home bar Ideas

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

If you are looking for a home bar idea that's quick, affordable and you might not even have to leave the house for, this is it. Have a look around your own home to see if you have any pieces of furniture that would enjoy a new life as a bar. Something open or glass-fronted would work best – clean it up and give it a paint if it needs it and then wallpaper the back of the shelves/cabinet to add some instant pattern. Oooh, pop some battery powered fairy lights (opens in new tab) in there too to light it up. 

6. Use a kitchen trolley as an at home bar

Home bar Ideas

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

We sing the praises of kitchen trollies all the time, they really are such a versatile piece, and look you can even use them to create an at home bar. This nook has been transformed simply by adding some shelves and positioning a trolley underneath them. If you like the look of this industrial style unit, check out Maisons du Monde (opens in new tab) for something similar. 

7. Make your bar area stand out with prints

Home bar Ideas

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

Even the smallest of at home bars need to be noticed, and an easy way to that is to hang a statement print. This Andy Warhol (opens in new tab) one is a classic, used in the home bars of Instagram the world over – simple, stylish and very apt for this lovely home bar. 

8. Make use of a sideboard

A bar in the hallway? Sounds like a good idea to us. If you have a sideboard in your home, doesn't necessarily have to be the hallway, put the top of it to good use and turn it into a for the holidays. Check out Anthropologie (opens in new tab) for loads of lovely barware to decorate your sideboard with. 

9. Dedicate a kitchen worktop to 'the bar'

Think you have no space for an at-home bar? Think again, transform a section of your kitchen worktop into a bar – all your need is a cute tray to put your drinks on, a couple of cocktail recipe books, a bowl of fruits for garnishes and a selection of your nicest glasses for decoration when not in use. 

10. Turn a kitchen cupboard into a bar

Disguise your at home bar behind the doors of a kitchen cupboard, and then when you fancy a tipple, open it up and start mixing. We would decorate the inside too, add some lights, some prints, some (faux) houseplants to make it feel even more like a bar rather than just a drinks cupboard. 

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