Space planning for hallways

Whether your space is long, short, wide or narrow, it presents its own unique challenges. Find out how to make it a useful, cohesive hallway with this expert guide

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Designing from scratch

‘The first consideration when designing a hallway in a new home is whether to make it one of the main features in the house. If you have the space, make sure there is enough room in the hallway for people to move about, as a number of guests can gather here. Opting for vaulted ceilings at the design stage can make a hallway look and feel much more attractive and spacious, while ensuring there is plenty of light reaching the space to bring the room to life. For most homes, a hallway is functional, but there is no reason why it couldn’t be used as extra living space, such as a home office or reading area. House orientation is also a factor to consider when designing a hallway; if it faces south then include plenty of windows so you don’t miss out on all the beautiful natural light.’ Emyr Davies, design manager at Welsh Oak Frame


Build in storage

Whether you opt for cupboards in a recess or an entire walkway of floor-to-ceiling cabinets, bespoke units make a large amount of space available for all your needs. Fit flush to the wall, balancing the uniformity with eye-catching lighting along the other side. (Above) Irina Townsend matt lacquered wood cupboards in light taupe with dark nickel handles, H261x W611xD70cm, POA; whitewashed, wood- effect ceramic tiles with Emperador marble-effect inserts, £95 per m2; ceiling- mounted chandeliers, from £400 each; chandelier pendants, from £550 each, all Keir Townsend


choose seamless solutions


Use space smartly

Simple clean lines can still accommodate visual interest; the monochrome palette of this chequered floor is echoed elsewhere for a timeless feel, but is brought up to date with contemporary light fittings and matching furniture – maintaining the sense of space. Flos Foglio steel wall lights in black, H21xW37cm; Luce Plan Hope pendant light, Dia.72cm, all supplied by Roselind Wilson Design. (Above) This project cost around £9,000. For similar tiles, try Mono floor tiles in black and white, £29.97 per m2, Fired Earth. For a similar table, contemporary 8-18 hallway console table, H85xW130x D48cm, from £910, Trendy Products


freestanding coat and shoe storage

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