How to organize makeup in a small bathroom — 5 pro tips to keep your cosmetics chaos-free

If space is limited, you'll want to learn how to organize makeup in a small bathroom — especially if you fancy a trip to Sephora

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It's crucial to learn how to organize makeup in a small bathroom. If your collection rivals Sephora's but you're working with microscopic space, you need to get creative.

We know it can be difficult to part ways with a fun, peachy blush and you never want to discard foundation until the absolute last possible drop, so we spoke to organization experts and designers about how to fit all of your favorites in a tight spot. Yes, it's a tricky situation, but we're going to navigate it together — and with ease. 

Minds everywhere are about to be blown by these small bathroom ideas that make organization fun and functional. Dare we say, you'll find enough room to hit the next big beauty sale and get twice as many Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipsticks.

How to organize makeup in a small bathroom

Much like storing skincare products in a small bathroom, finding a home for cosmetics will require stacking, searching for unused space, and thinking vertically. After cleaning your makeup brushes, they'll need to be easy to access.

But as we've said before, if you can fit a shower and a bath in a small bathroom, you can find room for your concealer and mascara. Start with these non-negotiable rules:

1. Use containers

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Decluttering a small bathroom requires finding a proper home for smaller products. Don't let any freestanding tiny toiletries crowd up valuable real estate. 

"In a drawer, cabinet, or shelf, a storage container will help reduce the perception of clutter and make finding what you need easy," says Marzia Dainelli, CEO and interior designer at Dainelli Studio. "We suggest two smaller ones, dividing skincare and makeup, making your routine more efficient. They can also be used to enhance the space with color, pattern, or texture depending on your style."

Additionally, professional organizer Laura Price, founder of The Home Organisation, insists on one thing: "For really small items like makeup, stackable boxes are the way to go."

Luckily, there are plenty of bathroom cabinet organizers on Amazon ready to assist with the task. 

Marzia Dainelli

Marzia Dainelli is the CEO and interior designer at Dainelli Studio, a Milan-based architecture firm with a dual soul: product and interior design.

Laura Price
Laura Price

Laura Price is the founder and director at The Home Organisation. After a career in PR for national events and with three young children, she realized that creating organized spaces brought her moments of calm in a busy life. With a vision to help many others experience the benefits of living an organized life, The Home Organisation was born.

2. Use the over-the-door method

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If one of your small bathroom towel storage ideas doesn't involve hanging towels from a hook on the door, use it to store other necessities. 

"Use over the door, shower or wall hanging storage caddies which are not permanent making them rental-friendly," suggests designer Soledad Alzaga. "You can also hang decorative baskets from hooks where you can store hair products, hair tools or makeup."

Soledad Alzaga
Soledad Alzaga

Soledad Alzaga is the founder of her eponymous business, a boutique residential and commercial interior company based in San Francisco, which was named one of the top 15 best interior design companies in the city. It assists in all aspects of the design and build process of residential and commercial properties from start to finish including consulting and working with architects, builders, and engineers

3. Utilize forgotten space

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Chances are there's a space you didn't think to check that can be utilized for storage.

"Those few inches of space between the toilet and the sink that are usually forgotten about can be put to use with a thin rolling cart," Sarit Weiss, founder and lead organizer of Neat & Orderly, previously suggested to Real Homes. "It can be used for hair tools, styling products, accessories, etc."

Sarit Weiss
Sarit Weiss

Sarit Weiss is the founder and lead organizer of the professional organizing company, Neat & Orderly. Its specialty is to create organized spaces for clients while making the space easy to maintain and an expression of clients' personal style. 

4. Use a rotating organizer

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Professional organizer Jean Prominski recommends keeping makeup, skincare, and any other frequently used product in a rotating organizer, should you have enough room on the vanity. Not only does it keep things organized and accessible, but it adds luxe vibes to small bathrooms. Who are we to resist the bougie energy?

Jean Prominski
Jean Prominski

An artist, productivity coach, and professional organizer, Jean Prominski is the founder of Seattle Sparkle, LLC, a company that helps its clients reorganize their homes into "clean, organized, manageable, relaxing, and inspiring" spaces. She is the author of Color to Declutter: A Thoughtful Collection of Unique Designs That Will Help Bring Your Inner and Outer Worlds into Alignment.

5. Utilize vertical shelving

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If you can't find a spot for your stuff, look up. Chances are, there's walls space waiting to be filled. Floating shelves will help you organize and provide a chance to do some decorating to boot. 


Why not store makeup in bathroom?

Even though there are plenty of places to store your makeup in a small bathroom, you might want to consider putting your good elsewhere, like in a bedroom vanity, in a basket in the linen closet, or perhaps even in your bedroom closet. Humidity can affect the product. 

Where should toiletries be placed in a small bathroom?

Alright, so you have your beauty buys in check, but what about toiletries? Should they be placed in the bathroom? Utilize similar strategies for storing small products: keep them in containers, organize them in a renter-friendly hanging cabinet shelf, or keep them in a basket on a floating shelf. Additionally, if these are products you don't use often, you can consider storing them elsewhere and saving room for the essentials in the bathroom.

Getting organized is just the first part; let's not forget about keeping the W.C. in tip-top shape. With help from the pros, you can learn how to deep clean a small bathroom to sparkling perfection — which you'll especially appreciate if you're sharing the space with roommates

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