How to decorate a small bedroom for Christmas — five clever ways to add a festive feel to your sleep space

'Tis the season! This expert advice for how to decorate a small bedroom for Christmas will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy

a Scandinavian style bedroom with a white bed, wooden headboard, and a christmas tree and garland above the bed
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Pardon the urgency, but now is the time to figure out how to decorate a small bedroom for Christmas. As your Advent calendar indicates, the big day is only getting closer and closer. 

While the living room and home exteriors might get a lot of love in the holiday decor department, the bedroom definitely shouldn't go unnoticed. There are plenty of ways to emphasize that cozy element and bring a bit of festive energy along for the ride. 

While you mull over small bedroom ideas this winter with a cup of cocoa, make sure Christmas decorations get in on the action, too.  

How to decorate a small bedroom for Christmas

Ready to get decorating? We are feeling the holiday magic, too, and might or might not be putting up a garland as we speak. No matter what route you opt for this winter, there's one thing to keep in mind when styling a small bedroom for the holidays.

"Choose decor that brings you joy during and makes guests feel welcome without too many kitschy holiday-themed decorations," Jennifer Verruto, founder and CEO of Blythe Interiors, previously told us. 

Some more words of wisdom from Verruto? Less is more and don't overcrowd your space. With these tips in mind, let's get started.

Jennifer Verruto

Jennifer Verruto is the founder and CEO of Blythe Interiors, a West Coast-based interiors that caters directly to clients: "From modern, to transitional, to coastal and anything in between, [Blythe Interiors] tailors designs to suit your preferences and needs, ensuring a space that's uniquely yours!"

1. Choose a theme

Small christmas decorated room with white new year tree in wicker basket and hanging big ornate 3D star.

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Gone are the days when red and green suffice. Now, holiday decor is an aesthetic all its own. This year, December 25 is getting a summery twist thanks to the coastal Christmas trend, where beach themes and aqua blue reign supreme. Just like the small space color trends that will prevail in 2024, neutral Christmas decor is going to be a sophisticated style that's accented with gold tones, wooden trinkets, and cozy textures. And, of course, pink Christmas decorations will be on hand for all Barbie enthusiasts ready to honor their leading lady.

2. Play with lights

a scandinavian bedroom with a christmas garland and lights above the wooden headboard

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For a merry and bright way to bring holiday cheer into your sleep space, bedroom Christmas light ideas will do wonders. Why not add string lights to your headboard? Perhaps you can add a glow with a Christmas nightlight? And, unsurprisingly, we're big fans of neon lights — adding a festive twist just makes the accessory more delightful, if you ask us.

"Soft or warm Christmas lights create a sophisticated holiday mood," says Jamie Young, the founder of Jamie Young Co. "But traditional red and green bulbs embrace a timeless holiday tradition."

Jamie Young

For over two decades, the husband and wife team of Jamie Young Jeter and David Jeter have worked together as Jamie Young Co., using their love of art, architecture, and adventure to craft approachable, design-driven pieces to bring together a wide range of handcrafted designs inspired by near and far.

3. Add a small tree

a small christmas tree on a nightstand in a bedroom

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Christmas trees are not reserved for the living room (though the location is a go-to for Saint Nick, obviously). If you want to add some greenery to your bedroom, select a small tabletop tree or a vertical tree that might not take up as much space. Heck, feel free to decorate the best bedroom plants in your collection with some festive accents.

"Who says you can't decorate the plants around your house with mini baubles and tree toppers," Sarah Blevins, the product operations manager at Villa, previously asked. "I had a neighbor growing up every year who put a giant cactus sculpture in their front yard and wrapped it in Christmas lights."

Sarah Blevins
Sarah Blevins

Sarah Blevins is the product operations manager at Villa, where she partners with multiple factories to create aesthetically-pleasing and functional prefab ADUs. Prior to her three years in-house at Villa, Sarah served in a number of design roles, including designing Starbucks retail locations and working as an Interior Designer for Handel Architects. She has also done work with Earl Swensson Associates and GBBN Architects. Sarah holds a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from the University of Cincinnati.

4. Keep it cozy with different textures

Christmas bedroom design with lights, spruce and cones

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In December, it's especially important to learn how to keep a small bedroom cozy. Make sure to layer your space with rugs and incorporate different textures throughout the area, such as fuzzy pillows and plush throws. 

5. Don't forget about fragrances

Winter festive still life scene. Burning candle decorated by wooden stars, hazelnuts and pine cones standing near window on wooden cut board. Glittering Christmas lights, fir branch on wool plaid.

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Looks are just one part of the equation — don't forget about the scents! Luckily, there are plenty of Christmas candles and Christmas reed diffusers to keep your room smelling like the North Pole. 


How can I decorate my small bedroom for Christmas?

When decorating a small bedroom for Christmas, replace the linens and bedding accents with winter items: i.e. a faux fur pillow, a velvet throw blanket, a Christmas-themed rug, etc. From there, you can add a little glow by hanging fairy lights above your headboard and keep a small tabletop tree nearby. If you want to play with a theme but aren't ready to fully commit to the likes of Coastal Christmas, keep your living room intact and start testing out aesthetics in your sleep space.

How can I decorate my bedroom for Christmas on a low budget?

Decorating your small bedroom for Christmas doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg: start small. Change out light fixtures to add a cozy glow, use DIY projects like handmade wreaths instead of store-bought items, and find new spots and/or purposes for the decor you already have.

Regardless of the room, there are a few holiday no-nos, according to interior design experts. (Don't start decorating without cleaning first!) In our holiday gift to you, we've rounded up expert advice about what *not* to do before decorating a small space for the holidays, and they're life savers!

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