15 of the best Christmas reed diffusers to make your home smell like the holidays

The best Christmas reed diffusers will make things feel merry with notes of cinnamon, pine, and, pomegranate, and more

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The best Christmas reed diffusers — perfect stocking stuffers, in our opinion — are here to embrace the festive spirit, whether it's through the aroma of a Douglas Fir or the sweet peppermint sprinkled into our favorite cookies. 

Although it might be hard to believe that the end of 2023 is quickly approaching, one thing we can look forward to towards the tail-end of the calendar year is all things cozy. Needless to say, we're ready for the hygge, starting with scents. 

If you're looking for the best reed diffusers in your collection to get a wintry mix, consider your wishlist covered. Even better news? If you're more likely to strike a match, our edit of our best candles has Santa's stamp of approval.

Best Christmas reed diffusers: what you need to know

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Whatever the winter lacks in temperature it makes up for with premium home fragrances. You'll love the bursts of firewood and fir, so why not narrow down your list to Kris Kringle? Added bonus? Seasonal reed diffusers not only make your abode smell delightful, but the packaging is so lovely, that it can double as Christmas decor.

And if you ask the experts, a fragrance is a hosting essential that everyone needs, particularly during the busiest season of the year. Stocking up on a reed diffuser (or a few) is one of the clever things people with nice-smelling homes always do, but you already knew that.

15 Christmas reed diffusers

How we chose

We took a look at a variety of fragrances and ultimately chose Christmas reed diffusers with positive consumer reviews, high star ratings, and fair price points from a variety of retailers.

What to consider

1. The diffuser's location
Where will you be using your reed diffuser and how do you want it to smell? For example, you might want something cozier in the living room but more citrusy in the bathroom. Take into consideration where you're going to place the diffuser before narrowing down a scent.

2. Your environment 
If you have a lot of little ones coming in and out of your abode come Christmastime, perhaps opting for candles isn't the best way to go. A reed diffuser can provide a similar fragrance but leave your digs flame-free. Be sure to keep the reed diffuser out of reach of young children and pets to ensure they don't consume the liquid, or knock it over accidentally.

3. The diffuser's size
How long are you planning for this winter reed diffuser to last? Opting for a larger bottle will obviously buy you more time, but check each label to see specifics in terms of longevity. The number of reeds, and how many times a week you rotate the sticks can also have an impact on the strength or 'throw' of the scent.

4. Whether or not refills are available
Generally speaking, you will get more bang for your buck if you fill an old vessel with fragrance yourself. So instead of buying a new glass bottle each time, see if the brand sells the diffuser oil as a separate standalone product. You can also save money by buying reeds in bulk from Amazon. This 100-piece set from Vikrom store is highly rated and on sale for Black Friday.


What are scents for Christmas?

When the cold weather hits, people opt for fragrances like cinnamon, pine, citrus, peppermint, vanilla, and firewood. In order to achieve these aromas, try candles, reed diffusers, essential oils, simmer pots, or wax melts.

Where should you not put a reed diffuser?

Avoid placing your reed diffuser wherever there's a strong heat source, as it'll likely evaporate that vanilla/tobacco fragrance combo you were hoping to enjoy throughout December. 

What can I do with old reed diffuser bottles?

Once your reed diffuser is complete, there's no need to toss the bottle. It can make for a cute decoration on your vanity or a mini vase for your windowsill. 

Where to shop

Still thinking about treating yourself? Make like Kris Kringle and stock your bag with your favorite reeds or one of the best Christmas candles. (You have the elves' permission.)

In search of other fragrance alternatives? We have that all on lock, folks. Our edit of the best essential oil diffusers for a safe (and cute) way to make your space smell amazing will inspire a purchase.

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