Don't make these 5 entryway decor mistakes

Avoid these entryway decor mistakes and your place will be much more welcoming. We've spoken to designers to find out what they are

Knowing entryway decor mistakes to avoid is very useful. Here is an entryway with shelves filled with colorful decor and wall art, white walls, and wooden flooring
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Avoiding entryway decor mistakes is a great way to make sure you have as welcoming a space as possible when entering your home  — whether you're coming back from work or are bringing in guests.

Want to avoid five entryway decor mistakes our experts loathe? We're with you. This is why we've spoken to seasoned interior designers experts to find out what they are, and what you can do instead. Step over these and you'll find yourself with an entryway you can use easily and breezily.

When looking for small entryway ideas, knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do. Take note of these now and you'll thank us later.

Entryway decor mistakes you shouldn't be making

Whether you're full-on decorating your small entryway or just want quick ways to zhuzh it up, removing these mistakes from yours will make it look so much more stylish. 

The entryway is a pivotal space within any home - big or small. “It holds the power to shape visitors’ perceptions instantaneously, yet it’s astonishing how often this area lacks the thoughtful attention it deserves,” says Katie Zimmerman, owner and principal designer at Zimmerman Interiors.

A picture of Katie Zimmerman, a woman with brown hair wearing a red dress stood outdoors
Katie Zimmerman

Katie Zimmerman is the owner and principal designer at Zimmerman Interiors, a residential design firm based in Bowling Green, KY. Its mission is to provide unparalleled luxury client experience with an unwavering focus on detail.

Want to give zap entryway decor mistakes from your threshold, and instead give it some design-savvy juice? Our team of expert shoppers have rounded up some fabulous buys to help you wipe out those entryway decor mistakes.

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1. Choosing the wrong sized decor

A entryway with shelves filled with colorful decor and wall art, white walls, and wooden flooring

(Image credit: @picsfromcandice)

One of the most common issues revolves around the scale of decor and how it works in the space.

“In many newer homes boasting lofty two-story ceilings or older ones missing a designated entrance, the scale of furniture and decor often falls short, leaving the space feeling underutilized or entirely neglected,” says Katie.

She says this often means substantial decor elements are needed to fill the space effectively. 

“Invest in statement pieces like wall art or create artful installations with mirrors to captivate attention immediately upon entry,” Katie suggests.

Mirrors not only make an entryway appear bigger but also provide a place to do final checks before leaving the house. No more stray toothpaste stains joining you out the door.

2. Having a lack of lighting

A white entryway with a black and gold console table with a gold lamp and flowers on it with a black mirror on the wall

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How many times have you entered a home and tried to find the light switch in the dark? We can all agree this isn’t fun.

“I suggest not to make this mistake as it can make the entryway look dull and uninviting,” says Seymen Usta, interior design specialist and founder of Seus Lighting

A picture of Seymen Usta, wearing a white and black shirt and standing in front of a gray background
Seymen Usta

Seymen Usta is an interior design specialist and the founder of Seus Lighting — one of the largest home decor lighting retailers in Northern America.

He suggests thinking of lighting as the first impression of your home and adding some drama to it.

Katie agrees, recommending avoiding relying solely on overhead fixtures. “Instead, incorporate multiple light sources such as table lamps, sconces, or picture lights for a warm, inviting glow.” 

These brilliant small entryway lighting ideas will help create a warm atmosphere for you and your guests.

3. Opting for disorganized decor

An entryway with a black wooden console table with baskets, white walls, and a black and white rug

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Hands up if you've ever pilled up their shoes, coats, and bags in a hurry while entering or leaving the house. Yep — we’re all guilty of having done this at least once or twice.

“This is what I call the catch-all entryway decor mistake,” says Mohammad AhmedALLCORR, interior designer and founder of The Home Guidance

A picture of Mohammad Ahmed in a brown suit
Mohammad Ahmed

Mohammad Ahmed is an interior designer and home expert. He works for various companies, designing functional and beautiful spaces for clients.

Mohammad continues, “Instead, think of creative small entryway storage solutions to keep your entryway clean and organized.”

He suggests investing in a shoe rack, coat hooks, or labeled baskets to store coats and hats in your small entryway in an organized manner.

These can range from being ultra-stylish ones to simple and practical ones — either way, having these tidy up your space will elevate your entryway’s decor game.

4. Not doing seasonal changes

A brown wall art print on a wall shelf next to a vase of flowers

(Image credit: @simplysanfordco)

This isn’t exactly a common mistake, but it’s a missed opportunity for making your entryway look as stylish as possible.

“Your entryway decor should change with the seasons to keep it fresh and interesting,” Seymen tells Real Homes.

He continues, “For example, in summer you can add some bright flowers or indoor plants, and in winter you can incorporate cozy elements like a throw blanket or holiday small entryway decor.”

The idea is to make the entryway feel relevant throughout the year — clever, right You could also take this for other areas of your home to freshen the whole place up, making it feel renewed for the season ahead. 

5. Forgetting functionality

An entryway with a circular mirror, a wooden shelf with candles on, and gold hooks

(Image credit: @simplysanfordco)

Look, we get it. You want to decorate your small entryway so it looks as cute as possible. While adding all your bells and whistles though, you may have forgotten about the most important thing of all. 

“An entryway solely focused on aesthetics neglects its practical purpose,” says Mohammad. 

He says to make sure you prioritize functionality, with items such as a catchall for bags, a key holder for essentials, and a small stool for putting on shoes all being stylish yet useful buys.


How do you avoid the 5 worst entryway decorating mistakes?

To avoid the five worst entryway decorating mistakes, be sure to plenty of lighting, use storage solutions to keep items tidy, and add personality without cluttering the space.

What's the one entryway decor mistake to avoid?

The one entryway decor mistake to avoid is having too many decor items on the floor, as this can make the space difficult to navigate and to use functionally.

If you’ve avoided or removed these mistakes and want to carry on styling your entryway, Katie has some advice for instantly refreshing it. “One of my favorite tips is leveraging the power of scent,” she says.

“A signature fragrance can imprint lasting memories, becoming synonymous with the warmth and charm of your home,” she says.

We recommend using reed diffusers to do this, as they don’t need much maintenance and can fill a small space with scent quickly.

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