This TikTok decor trend makes us want to leave our Halloween decorations up year round

Think of “cottagegoth” as the seasonless spooky decor trend for Halloween fiends

Goblincore decor trend
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While home decor trends come and go every few years, seasonal decor—like Halloween or Christmas decorations—are really only socially acceptable to leave up for a few weeks (to the dismay of many!). However, that ideology may be on the way out—if cottagegoth, or goblincore enthusiasts have anything to do with it.

What is goblincore? Much like the aspirational cottagecore homestead trend that made its way across social media earlier this year when we were all longing for wide-open spaces to escape to, this spooky-cozy social media trend fosters a sense of warmth and comfort—by way of, well, Halloween decorations.

According to an in-depth Mashable report, goblincore was first spotted in LGBTQ circles on Tumblr before making its way to TikTok and eventually Instagram. The chaotic, witchy aesthetic has been described as “distinctly feral” by Tumblr’s meme librarian, Amanda Brennan, adding that unlike aspirational and slightly cottagecore, goblincore is more about decorating for your own personal taste—for what’s at your core.

While goblincore, like cottagecore, plays off natural design elements, goblincore focuses more on finding beauty in the unconventional—like favoring dirt and bones over blooming flowers and gardens—while also incorporating witchy, woo-woo aesthetics like crystals, magic, and typical Halloween decorations.

“I think cottagecore can be very performative in some ways. You're showing off, like, this is the space I've curated. I'm living this beautiful life,” Brennan said. “Goblincore is just like, I'm doing this for me. This is what I want, and I'm living without the trappings of a mortal coil.”

The ethereal trend has become an exceedingly popular TikTok hashtags—with one of the most popular being with a bookbinding explainer, while others range from terrarium tutorials, upcycled candle making, and other cozy odes to the darker side of nature.


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Whether you’re on board with this autumnal nod to magic and natural design elements or you’re not completely sold on the witchy aesthetic, if this perfectly timed trend makes you want to leave your Halloween decorations up into November, it’s safe to say you’re not alone.

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