Dorm room ideas – 8 looks to inspire your own space on campus

These cute dorm room ideas are fun, on-trend, and affordable, too

cute dorm room ideas
(Image credit: Dormify)

If you're heading back to campus this fall then our dorm room ideas are all you need to help inspire your space. It's clear that going off to college this year is going to be anything but normal, so it's the perfect opportunity to get creative with your surroundings. 

With schools operating modified schedules, enforcing regular coronavirus testing, and capping capacity in common areas, this is year to go all-out in your dorm room to make sure that you have your own personal piece of paradise to come home to every day after class – IRL or virtual. Whether you're studying, socializing, watching Netflix or not, we've rounded up our favorite dorm room looks that are both stylish and comfortable.

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1. Go boho in your dorm room

cute dorm room ideas

(Image credit: Dormify)

Bohemian style is everywhere this year, so why not channel instagrammers like Justina Blakeney with tons of pale pink and burnt orange, woven wall hangings, piles of throw pillows and plenty of house plants (because that dorm-room air can get stuf-fy). 

2. Snag a stylish desk chair for your dorm room

cute dorm room ideas

(Image credit: Target)

If your school doesn't provide desk furniture, take this as a chance to BYO in style. Instead of a standard, corporate-looking black design chair, opt for a brightly colored retro-inspired version, like this one from Target, instead. 

3. Try black and white

dorm decor

(Image credit: PB Teen)

Prefer a modern look? You can't go wrong with black-and-white. Among the many benefits of a monochrome color scheme: it's easy to pull together, it's soothing, and if you're sharing a room, it'll go with almost anything your roommate adds to the space. 

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4. Give your walls some love

(Image credit: Target)

While you can't paint the walls in your dorm room, you can still add a pop of color with a little creative thinking. Try wall decals, like these ones from Target, shown above, and a painted peg board in a color that coordinates with your decor. 

dormify decor

(Image credit: Dormify)

Another great way to add life to your walls without causing permanent damage is to hang art without frames. Gather a bunch of wall art prints you love from places like Dormify (seen above), Society 6, or Etsy and use washi tape to hang them to the wall. Bonus: Buying art without frames is way cheaper, too.

6. Style a storage trolley

cute dorm room decor

(Image credit: Walmart)

In a small space like a dorm room, organization is essential, so don't forget to add plenty of storage to your design plans. We love storage trolleys like this one from Walmart for both storing things like school supplies and shower caddies, but they're also a fun style opportunity, too. Designate one or two shelves for decor like candles, faux florals, or your favorite books to create homey vibe. 

7. Add a faux headboard

cute dorm room decor

(Image credit: Dormify)

Let's face it: the dorm room furniture your school provides isn't the most stylish. But, you don't have to settle for a standard-issue bed.  A faux headboard, like this one from Dormify, attaches to the wall behind your bed with Command hooks. Target also offered a large headboard-shaped pillow that's a great option, too. 

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8. Buy coordinated bedding

(Image credit: Lapuan Kankurit)

If you're not really sure how to pull together an entire dorm room look that feels cohesive, try a ready-made dorm room bed and bath set. Fear not, it doesn't have. to be your parents beds-in-a-bag, and you can find some really gorgeous pieces. Just check out these stylish sets from  Amazon) that typically come with sheets, a comforter, pillow cases, and towels that coordinate without being overly matchy-matchy. 

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