7 dorm room ideas for guys that aren't giving Mojo Dojo Casa House energy

No protein powder or alcohol bottle decor in sight either

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Guys dorm ideas were few and far between when I went to college. While my college room looked the bomb, their "decor" stretched as far as alcohol bottles, protein shake tubs, and event stubs... sheesh.

I don't blame 'em though. A lot of college decor is geared towards girls, and having done my research, there's not much for the male-identifying population when it comes to interior inspo. There are disproportionately more girls' dorm room ideas out there, but given that I hung out with the guys and like motorsport and soccer — I've taken a "shot" at putting together some cool ideas for you.

This isn't just about plain decor, neutral niceties, and "un-pinking" everything, if you're a bold bro who likes a bit of color or pattern — I've got some selections to make your scheme stand out.

Spoiler alert: If you *did* happen to like Ken's aesthetic in the Barbie movie, I've got a li'l surprise for you, but you'll need to scroll to the bottom for bougie western homewares.

7 dorm room ideas for guys to create the coolest college scheme

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1. Go down the artsy route with a wall tapestry

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When I was in high school, boys steered clear of home economics class, but that didn't mean that they weren't partial to a wall hanging. Tapestries are a super simple way to add interest and there are loads of different shapes and styles to choose from. As well as the retailers below, I'd like to give a special mention to Urban Outfitters' wall tapestries, as it always delivers.

2. Go for a moody mid-century modern aesthetic


♬ Phoebe Cates - Fenix TX

Midcentury modern schemes are generally quite gender-neutral, making it an easy trend to follow and find decor for. Steer toward browns, mustards, and green tones to create a warm aesthetic. As well as the aforementioned tapestries, a bold print is a great dorm wall decorating idea. Go full color, or if you want a bit of drama, a black and white or sepia print might suit your space.

3. Go all out with the A/V


♬ TO THE MOON - JNR CHOI & Sam Tompkins

While string lights and LED hearts might seem a li'l much for you (or not, that's cool too), there are other ways to turn up the brightness in your room. Dormitories don't have a rep for being the most well-lit spaces, so these affordable dorm room lighting ideas are ingenious if you ask me. Make a projector work hard by using it for movie night and special effects. It's much less bulky than bringing a TV (and beats watching films on your laptop).

4. Sneakerhead? Put your best foot(wear) forward


♬ Nikes on My Feet - Mac Miller

If you're a fan of sneaks, show it with a footwear-heavy scheme. There are loads of dope ways to store shoes (including acrylic boxes on Amazon) and of course, the Lack Wall shelf unit from IKEA.

5. Rep your college with merch

Dormify male/boys' dorm room with university / college decor

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Proud of the college you've enrolled at? Then show me. It's all good bringing all the university chants at varsity games, but you can also support your school behind closed doors too. Flags, pennants, blankets, candles — you name it, there are lots of ways to back your brotherhood.

BTW — you might want to check about the candle thing, as most RAs will say it's one of the things that isn't allowed in a dorm.

6. Create an industrial chic look for less


♬ Yacht Club - MusicBox

Lived in a city before starting school? If you're feeling homesick at college, decorating your dorm might help. Although I lived on campus (in the sticks), my mom and dad brought me up in London... so it was a li'l bit of a culture shock.

However, you can create an urban aesthetic in no time with a good peel-and-stick wallpaper for an edgy feel. Don't forget to add a small coffee maker to your dorm packing list to give your coop that coffee shop feel.

7. Go wild with a Western-inspired scheme


♬ Heartbroken - Diplo & Jessie Murph & Polo G

Why should coastal cowgirls have all the fun? If you want a stylish Mojo Dojo Casa House, then it's possible to pay homage to Ken's style while keeping it chic. Add a cowhide rug (like this faux one from Wayfair) to max out on those rodeo vibes. And, remember: "I am K(enough)."

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