Wow! This DIY kitchen makeover was done with just paint*

*and a whole lot of vision and style. Read on to find out how this DIY kitchen revamp was done

DIY kitchen by @thisenglishhome
(Image credit: @thisenglishhome)

If you are after some easy DIY kitchen ideas to inspire your own makeover, then you NEED to see this amazing project. You wouldn't believe that Victoria of @thisenglishhome  transformed her pretty bland kitchen that she moved into, into a whole new space, without ripping out any cupboards and sticking to a really small budget. The majority of the makeover was in fact just done entirely with paint. You can watch the whole process and get loads of tips if you just check out her Kitchen highlight over on Instagram.

But keep reading for more of a look around this fab space, plus a few DIY ideas that can inspire your own makeover. Check out our kitchen ideas page too for loads more inspo. 

•KITCHEN MAKEOVER• >swipe for an unmissable before< ❕transformed using just paint❕ 🤍🌿💫 Ad|PR products from @makeitrustoleum . . . Happy weekend, lovelies! Whew, did this week not last a whole year? Feels like it. It’s been pretty crappy, but I tell you what’s not crappy... MY NEW KITCHEN Ok, ok, not technically new...but it feels it. Swipe to see what we moved into😭 🖤WORKTOPS: painted (yep, painted) and sealed, using @makeitrustoleum ‘s exclusive #worktoptransformation kit in galaxy black. There’s a whole highlight for this if you want to see. The kit costs about £80 & comes with everything you need to overhaul work surfaces. 🤍CUPBOARDS: painted in @makeitrustoleum #allsurfacepaint shade “white satin”. This was over previously painted doors that were pitch black. The coverage is👌🏼 💫HANDLES: sprayed in @makeitrustoleum #allsurfacespray in pure gold 🖱FRIDGE: painted using left over black surface paint from the worktop kit. 🌙UTENSILS sprayed in @makeitrustoleum #allsurface spray in bright gold 🍃even the tea caddies, soap dispenser & tap got the spray treatment • • • • • these were all PR products sent free of charge in return for reviews, pics + promotion • • • • • I also sprayed and made over the sink; taking it from stainless steel to black using @hycoteuk spray made for the car industry, I hung the pan rack (amazon find, I’ll do a swipe-up) and sprayed the hob so it too is black like my soul (had to use stove spray so it’s safe to high temperatures). Genuinely, it feels like a new kitchen! Let me know your thoughts. Is it something you’d attempt? Happy Saturday 🤍🤍🤍🤍 #makeityours #makeitrustoleum #monochromekitchen #paintedcupboards #budgetdiy #budgetdecor #budgethome #budgetdiy #kitchenmakeover #shelfdecor #realhomesofinsta #interiormilk #showmeyourstyled #shelfiestyling #rustichome #countryhome #englishhome #interiorhome #actualhomesofinsta #makehomematter #dabblingindecor #howihome #interiorstyling #wonderfuleveryday this•english•home

A photo posted by @thisenglishhome on Jul 10, 2020 at 11:01pm PDT

So let's start with the before and after (just swipe to see the after). Everything has been transformed using just paint – the cabinets, the tiles, the worktop (yes the worktops!) It was done using Rust - Oleum Worktop Transformation Kit, which comes with everything you need, plus instructions on how to do your project. 

The cupboards were painted in Rust - Oleum All Surface Paint and handles sprayed gold. (We have a step by step on painting kitchen cupboards if you need a guide). Even the sink and taps got a spray over, and you can see how that went down over on @thisenglishhome's highlights too. So when we say this was all done with paint, we really meant it. 

🌿PLANE + SANDED🌿 {swipe for before} . . . AD|COLLAB @planeandsanded 🌿☀️🖤 Happy Friday, everyone. What a week it’s been. Change is coming and we all still have a lot of work to do, it seems. I’m continuing to amplify where I can, like so many of you are. Thankyou for understanding why an account seemingly dedicated to house stuff feels the need to do this. As promised, I’m blending my content: change & decor ☀️ The highlight for me this week, has been getting these beautiful shelves on the wall. When @planeandsanded said they wanted in on this alcove makeover, I jumped at the chance. I just knew their products would help take me from brassy melamine cupboard, to rustic country kitchen. And boy, they have not let me down. 👏🏻🌿👏🏻🌿👏🏻 Aaaaaand, to spoil all of you plus to celebrate their one year anniversary of launching, @planeandsanded have given me an exclusive discount code to pass on to all of you. Just use “HAPPYANNIVERSARY” for 10% off! Aren’t they lovely? Drop by to say congrats for one year, oh and check out their new logo!! {SHELVES PART GIFTED} ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ You may also notice a few of the amazing @4mursuk items I unboxed for you a week or two ago. @4mursuk are quite frankly cutting edge when it comes to wallpaper & homeware. I’ll be linking these again I stories so you can check out the £16 gold cutlery set, the beautiful palm storage jars and the glass drink dispenser. {GIFTED} Please see last image for tags + details. this•english•home

A photo posted by @thisenglishhome on Jun 11, 2020 at 11:31pm PDT

To complete the kitchen makeover Victoria has styled it beautifully, this included removing an old cupboard to create this gorgeous shelving space. A rug has tied the (otherwise quite warm) flooring to the rest of the monochrome space and all the houseplants and utensils just add a ton of texture and personality. Love it!

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