The new whistling SMEG tea kettle is an "exercise in retro-inspired decor" say designers and captures 2024's biggest kitchen trend

The whistling SMEG tea kettle gets an A for looks and personality — cheers to that!

Two SMEG tea kettles, one in pastel blue, the other in pastel green, on a light purple background
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If you fancy a cup of tea with friends, the striking new SMEG tea kettle is the perfect  conversation starter.

A playful throwback to the '50s, the new SMEG Stainless-Steel Whistling Tea Kettle not only makes a statement with its colorful, retro design, but offers quality for your boiling needs, says our experts.

For a fun pop of color and style on your stovetop, and a nod to this year's favorite small kitchen trend, SMEG is the way to go. 

Spilling the tea: why the SMEG tea kettle is designer-approved

In late 2023, Pinterest Predicts envisioned kitschy kitchens, "kitschens" in the platform's terms, as the hot look of the 2024 season: bright pastels, retro silhouettes, and quirky-but-cute accents. The SMEG tea kettle fits right in with the aesthetic. 

Designer Nina Lichtenstein considers the appliance to be "a delightful exercise in retro-inspired decor" that transcends popular styles, and even time. "The kettle adds a touch of vintage charm that effortlessly complements modern and traditional kitchen settings alike," she says. 

Moreover, what's sure to become one of the best tea kettles on shelves doesn't solely rely on looks to get people talking. 

"Beyond its eye-catching appearance, SMEG appliances are renowned for their quality craftsmanship, durability, and innovative features," Nina says. 

What can you expect from this release? Aside from six gorgeous shades, the SMEG tea kettle comes with a ergonomic, cool-touch, anti-slip silicone handle and accessibility on all cooktops. 

Should you be interested in small kitchen upgrades, swapping out appliances could be a good place to start. With SMEG kitchen appliances, you'll be able to easily transform the look of your space. 

"To showcase this iconic piece, pair it with other SMEG appliances or vintage-inspired kitchen accessories," Nina recommends. "Display it on a sleek countertop alongside colorful ceramic mugs or retro-inspired tea sets to create a charming focal point that evokes nostalgia and elegance."

Have a color palette in mind — perhaps one of the more creative colorful small kitchen ideas — and work from there. 

A picture of Nina Lichtenstein, a woman wearing a green jumpsuit
Nina Lichtenstein

When Nina Lichtenstein designs a home, it is more than just a house. It is a haven. One tailored to a family's distinctive tastes, daily rituals, special gatherings, and long-term dreams. It is a nest from which to launch lives and make memories for generations to come. Her use of diverse textures and elegant blends of stone, wood, and other natural materials are part of her signature style.

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