Smeg kitchen appliances are your first-class ticket to Italian style

Say hello to the quintessential Italian design with Smeg

A modern kitchen diner with pastel green fridge and round dining table
(Image credit: Smeg)

Name another kitchenware brand with as much flair and retro pizazz as Smeg. Whether it's the sleek glossy finish or the four-letter brand fashioned in cool chrome, no other company maxes out mid-century modern luxury on the market quite like this brand does.

With over 75 years of engineering experience and creative expertise, Smeg continues to create appliances that deliver aesthetically and technologically, in its own distinct signature and exclusive style.

Standing for way more than a retro fridge, this iconic Italian brand has made a name for itself designing large-format durable goods. Think beautifully-designed built-in ovens that require a standing ovation, wow-factor wine coolers that perfectly chill Prosecco, a variety of hi-tech hobs to keep even the most discerning host happy. 

And, of course, energy-efficient dishwashers that deliver on cleaning performance at the end of a good night . Consider your curated space an amphitheatre of kitchen excellence to perform in. Rome might not have been built in a day, but it's possible to build an idyllic cook space in one.

Fabulous '50s style

Just like the staples in your capsule wardrobe, Smeg's classic '50s-inspired nostalgic design will never fall out of fashion. Curves are in, and you'll always feel at home with chrome. No doubt, investing in a Smeg electrical appliance will pay dividends for years to come.

Let your kitchen see its true colours

A selection of pastel pink Smeg small kitchen appliances

(Image credit: Smeg)

The Italian brand has thrown the rulebook out of the window and come up with (nearly) every hue possible regarding home appliances. Rather than just looking at practicality, Smeg's products allow you to inject your personality into your space.

Neutral lovers will have a soft spot for Taupe, while Ruby Red is reserved for bold Bellas who want to make a statement! Pastel green exudes the feeling you get from a creamy pistachio gelato and Smeg's Barbie-style pastel pink reminds us of the Bougainvillea flowers that bloom in Capri.

So why not add a touch of glamour into the heart of your home, and infuse that little bit of luxury into your every day with a cute kettle? Or, grind stressors to a halt with a beautifully-made coffee maker. Creating your dream kitchen can start with one appliance at a time.

A monochromatic kitchen with Smeg Dolce Stil Novo products

(Image credit: Smeg)

Color isn't the only piatto del giorno. If you want to create a contemporary scheme, consider one of Smeg's eight aesthetic lines for your next kitchen renovation or extension. The monochromatic Dolce Stil Novo meets the expectation of those who prefer a modern look in their cook space. While Portofino places you in a picturesque harbor; all without purchasing a plane ticket.

A matte black Smeg kettle and toaster set

(Image credit: Smeg)

Of course, if you do like black — Smeg does deliver exceedingly elegant and tasteful matte and gloss options that'll seamlessly blend into a retrofit kitchen.

Art Deco aesthetic

A dark kitchen with copper finishes and black Smeg accessories

(Image credit: Smeg)

Texture is another way to transform your kitchen renovation or extension. Copper, chrome, and brass are all metallic finishes that reflect the Art Deco era and ooze opulence. This means you can relish in tactile jewel-like tones that feel expensive, for a fraction of the price you'd expect.

And if you're looking for a timeless design that's easy to maintain and use, consider the super versatile classic range created in conjunction with architect Guido Canali.

Made in Italy, brought to life in the UK

A modern white kitchen with built-in hob

(Image credit: Smeg)

Though Smeg may have roots in Guastalla, it has established itself as a household name on our shores. But, just like a gorgeous Italian gallery, you too can "try before you buy" and sample the Smeg lifestyle with a complimentary cookery event in Oxfordshire or London.

Ideal for those planning a new kitchen, or for shoppers who want to get the most out of their purchases, you can watch the appliances in action and taste the delicious results. Try pasta made in self-cleaning ovens, pizzas prepared in six minutes, or Tiramisu whipped up in front of your eyes in a workshop-style setting.

Experience Smeg for yourself by signing up for one of the upcoming events today — they’re completely free and there’s no obligation to buy anything on the day!

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