Where to buy the best face masks and face coverings on offer today

Find out where to buy the best face masks as the UK makes them a compulsory wear in shops

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Want to know where to buy face masks? After much debate on their use and how effective they are, the UK Government has declared that people must wear them in shops from 24 July – although there are notable exemptions for children under 11, for people with disabilities or breathing problems, and for anyone travelling with someone who lip-reads. The police will enforce their use and shops will be told to tell customers with no mask that it is no entry.

While the scientific community agrees that they aren't a sure fire way to stop yourself from getting the virus, they do vastly limit the spread of droplet infection and will help to keep the infection rate down. This is essential in situations where it is more difficult to socially distance, such as in shops and other indoor spaces. Their use also helps mitigate the easing of certain lockdown restrictions as we try to reopen the nation.

Many of you might have some reservations about wearing one, so we have found plenty that are comfortable to wear, affordable and do the trick. There are both three-layer face masks that you might find in a medical setting and non-medical offerings that act as a great line of defense and won't take essential stock from keyworkers. Order today to get them in time for the new ruling in the UK. We have options for our US audience, too.

For more advice on finding essentials, head over to our health and beauty hub.

Where to buy face masks

Face mask offers

Please note: these have not been designed specifically for coronavirus and you're still much better to stay indoors when possible, to maintain social distancing when you have to go out, to avoid touching your face and to always wash your hands when you get back. And, of course, if you're displaying symptoms, you should self-isolate for seven days, and your family for 14 days. And remember – think of others when you buy. Please don't stockpile.

Best washable face masks

We think these face coverings will be the most suitable option for the majority of people. They can be reused and many can have filters added for extra protection.

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Great British designer face coverings 3 pack | £15.00 on ASOS (opens in new tab)
We love how some of the best British designers have had a go at making face masks cool. And they have done a pretty good job – we love this three pack from Julien Macdonald, Rixo and Liam Hodges. They include a carry bag and nose clip to ensure a better fit.

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Ditsy print face mask | £3.75 on Boohoo (opens in new tab)
This pretty mask has a snug fit and – dare we say it – looks pretty nice... for a face mask. Boohoo has loads of face masks on offer, or fashion masks as they call them. They are affordable too so stock up so you have plenty to use between washes.

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Skinnydip children's dinosaur print face mask 2 pack | £8.00 on Boots (opens in new tab)
These are so cute we are hoping our faces are small enough for one. It's not compulsory for children under 11 to wear face masks – encouraging kids to wear a face covering will be more difficult anyway, but you might want your kids wearing one to protect vulnerable family members – or indeed themselves. 

3-layer face masks

These face masks are similar to those used in a medical setting. They are disposable so not the most environmentally friendly, but if you are particularly concerned about the virus and perhaps have been shielding up to this point, you may like the security of these.

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10PCS Disposable Dustproof Breathable Face Mouth Cover for Paint, Garden, Blue A73 | £5.95 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
This best seller from Amazon is a pretty straight forward example of a face mask, but it gets the job done.

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Procedure Medical Surgical Protection Face Masks, 3-Ply, Earloop, Sealed in a Bag of (10 Pieces) | £9.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
These simple face masks are single use and offer free delivery. They boast 95% filtration efficiency and comply with European standards.

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20 disposable 3-layer face masks | Only £17.49/$21.29 on Newchic (opens in new tab)

Block viruses, dirt, dust and pollen with these three-layer face masks. They are breathable and designed to sit more comfortably on the face.

Other face shields and face coverings

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O'lemon Full Face Protective Shield Visor | £0.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
If you know someone working on the front line who doesn't have suitable protective equipment, it may be worth picking up a protective face mask in a bid to help them stay safe until PPE stocks are distributed to all who need it. These are super cheap and great for shop workers, hairdressers and waiting staff.

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Buff Coolnet UV+® Buff | From £9.99 on Wiggle (opens in new tab)/ $25.99 on Amazon US (opens in new tab)

This Buff scarf can be worn as a headband, hairband, scarf, bandana or in this case, a face mask. The material is lightweight and breathable, so perfect for the warmer weather. Plus, it has UV protection so great for sun protection, too.

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Removable sun visor fisherman hat | Only £15.08/$15.99 on Newchic (opens in new tab)

This fisherman hat will not only keep you shielded from the sun but includes an anti-droplet sun visor to shield your face. It comes in black, khaki, yellow, pink and orange.

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Anti-fog shielded fisherman hat with embroidery | Only £19.15/$19.99 on Newchic (opens in new tab)

Full-face protection and good sun protection in one, this pretty fisherman hat is embroidered with a daisy pattern. Get it in black, navy, pink or green.

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Cotton Paisley Bandana 3 pack | £3.75/$8.99 on Amazon (opens in new tab)

Buying a multipack of bandanas is a good idea so you have spares while you hot wash the rest. These paisley ones remind us are a classic look that can be paired with a number of looks – just incase you were worried about your lewk.

Can you make face masks at home?

If you're looking for a more affordable solution, there are plenty of easy ways to make a face mask with items you'll likely already have laying around the house. Check out our guide to how to make face masks for all the details.

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