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Bougie bath time 🛁

A bathroom with colorful towels and decorations
(Image credit: @overatno18)

When I first moved into my rental, the first room that I completed was the bathroom. Not only was it lovely to have one completed room, but it was also so fun to decorate. It doesn’t sound like the most thrilling apartment decorating room, but trust me, it is.

I have so many bathroom horror stories from my college days (I won’t tell you what I once found in a shared bathroom trash can), so for me, it’s one of the most important rooms to get right. Luckily, there are so many cute details that you can add that will make using your bathroom a breeze, as well as make it an overall gorgeous experience.

If your apartment bathroom is in need of a li’l loving, I’ve got you. I’ve scrolled through Instagram and TikTok (my two fave hobbies) to find the most gorgeous bathroom inspo.

Ready to make your bathroom as cute as a rubber duck? Keep on scrollin’...

10 bathroom ideas that are absolutely gorgeous

Say buh-bye to boring tiles, and say hello to the bathroom(s) of your dreams. I’ve also shopped the looks too, so you can get your bathroom looking beaut AF, ASAP…

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1. Go for a bold shower curtain 

A small bathroom with a peach shower curtain

(Image credit: @alexabchambers)

Stuck with boring walls and floors that you can’t switch up? Renters, I feel ya. Shower curtains are a great solution for adding a bold splash of color, without having to open a paint can. I def suggest choosing a shower curtain and then working the rest of your bathroom decor around it, as this way you can tie everything together easily. I’m loving this oh-so-sweet peachy one, which adds such a funky vibe to Alexa’s bathroom. 

2. Put toiletries in glass jars 


♬ original sound - EX7STENCE™

Confesh time: My bathroom items used to be a total mess. I’d shove everything in my cabinet, and then have a nightmare every time I wanted to find the smallest of objects. Don’t let this happen to you! Instead, put smaller objects like cotton buds, balls, and pads into glass jars, which will make them so much easier to grab. Plus, they look so much chicer like this.

3. Make a statement with a bath mat

A bathroom with teal tiled walls and a bath mat that says 'get naked'

(Image credit: @ellashausofcolour)

Just because you need a bath mat, doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. In fact, it can be such a great way to showcase personality and make your bathroom experience more cozy and welcoming. This tongue-in-cheek mat at @ellashausofcolour’s is so fun and instantly makes you feel like… well, getting in the bath. As well as making statement, bath mats can also be used to complement and contrast with colors in the bathroom.

4. Add powerful impact with plants

A bathroom with black sink, mirror, and radiator, plus plants

(Image credit: @renovation_at_5a)

NGL, I’m not the best plant mom in the world. So, when I found out that there are certain plants that absolutely thrive in the bathroom, making them low maintenance, I was totally thrilled. They can be hung up (even in the shower!), placed on windowsills, or even on a ladder. The bathroom isn't known for being the freshest room in the apartment, but a few plants can def help make it look and feel hella vibrant.  

5. Decant products into smaller bottles


♬ Massive - Drake

Got big bottles that are taking up space and ruining the whole look? NTY. Instead, squeeze shampoos, body wash, and soap into smaller bottles. This will stop your bathroom from looking overly cluttered, which is easily done when you only have a bit of room to work with. Not only will this keep the area tidy, but it will also look so much neater than having odd-colored bottles. Just make sure you label them up, as you don’t want to wash them with the wrong thing.

6. Use a ladder

A peach colored bathroom with a ladder

(Image credit: @the_flat_that_rosie_built)

Let’s face it — there just isn’t room in a small apartment bathroom for big ol’ cabinets and cupboards. The solution? Say hello to the most adorable li’l ladders. They can be used to store bathroom supplies, such as toilet paper and towels, making them easily accessible when you’re jumping out of the shower or doing other bathroom-y activities. Not only this, but you could also place decor on it, like plants and candles, to make everything look as aesthetic as poss.

7. Hang up a large mirror to ‘create’ more space


♬ original sound - Maddie

Mirrors are obvi a bathroom essential, but by opting for a larger one, you’ll create the illusion of more space thanks to the reflection. I’m loving this square one with LED lights in @we_build_our_home’s TT — can you imagine doing your makeup looking at that? Glam vibes FR. Big mirrors with bold features, such as metallic borders or wiggly shapes, are also fab options for livening up the room.

8. Opt for colorful towels

A bathroom with colorful towels and plants

(Image credit: @overatno18)

The same logic as having decorative shower curtains goes for decorative towels too. Basically, just because you’ve gotta have it in the bathroom, doesn’t mean that it can’t look super cute. I like mixing my towels up every time I switch them out, to change up the vibe of the bathroom with minimal effort. Oh, and I’m super obsessed with @overatno18’s matching stripy towels, which are so sweet.

9. Add thoughtful touches


♬ i can't help it - JVKE

This vid showcases a guest bathroom, but I’m actually really into using these ideas in any bathroom (hey, there’s nothing wrong with being a li’l bougie). Rolled-up hand towels, floral decor, and reed diffusers are all easy ways to make your bathroom feel like a luxe hotel, without the cost of staying in one.

10. Show off your style with wall art

A pink and green bathroom

(Image credit: @honeyjoyhome)

Only got blank walls to work with? Don’t stress — there’s a way to work around this, bestie. You can hang up gorgeous artwork to turn plain surfaces from drab to fab. @honeyjoyhome has complimented her retro bathtub and sink with a pretty pink piece — if you have colorful bathroom pieces, this is a great way to make them shine. BTW, my fave places to look for wall art are Desenio and Fy.

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