7 of the best orange juicers that are "simply the zest" for making OJ

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The best orange juicers help streamline the juicing process, making it much faster and easier to squeeze every last drop out of your favorite fruits. If you squeeze a lot of oranges and other citrus fruits — whether for fresh juice or cooking — you know that it can be tough on your hands.

There are a few types of orange juicers available nowadays, including manual and electric models. With a manual option, you provide the manpower, pushing the citrus onto the reamer and rotating the fruit to extract juice, while electric models have spinning reamers that do most of the work for you. There are also handheld citrus juicers that simply squeeze the fruit, but these tend to be too small for oranges, so we didn’t include any in our testing. 

To find the best juicers for your home, we tested seven products from popular brands. After juicing dozens of oranges and carefully tracking the results, we found the best orange juicers for delicious freshly-squeezed juice that hasn't been sat on the bottle, or on the shelf.

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Reveiewed by
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Reveiewed by
Camryn Rabideau

Camryn is a freelance writer and product reviewer who has been testing small kitchen appliances (as well as other home goods) for several years. She’s tested everything from toasters to oil infusion machines, and she spent a few weeks drinking lots of orange juice when she was working on this buying guide.

Camryn does her product testing from her small homestead in beautiful Rhode Island. When she’s not tinkering around with the latest home gadgets, she spends her time tending to her animals, working in her garden, or crafting.

The best orange juicers

How we test

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To find the best orange juicers, we bought several pounds of oranges and got to work juicing. 

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After setting up each juicer, I used each one to extract the juice from three oranges, taking note of how much juice it yielded, how easy it was to use, and how well it removed pulp. I also used each gadget to juice a lemon to get a sense of how well it works on other types of fruit. 

After I was done juicing, I cleaned each model, noting whether it needed to be hand-washed or could be run through the dishwasher. I also evaluated how much space each orange juicer took up in storage, as well as its weight and how easy it was to move around. 

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What to consider before buying an orange juicer?

When selecting an orange juicer for your kitchen, you’ll want to think about how you plan to use it and how much you’re willing to spend. If you only ever juice one or two oranges (or other citrus fruits) at a time, a manual juicer is an efficient option that won’t cost too much. On the other hand, if you juice in bulk, a powerful electric juicer will make it quick and easy to juice dozens of pieces of fruit. However, these electric models tend to cost a bit more, and they’re also larger, taking up more space in your kitchen.  


What happens if I blend oranges?

Blending oranges is a viable alternative to juicing them. To ensure the smoothest finish, you might consider peeling the skin and removing as much white pith as possible. Nutritionally, you may even benefit from drinking insoluble fiber. Don't worry, this isn't as scary as it is. It basically means that it'll keep your gut healthy, and your uh, bowel movements regular.

The Sage 3X Bluicer (also known as the Breville 3X Bluicer) is a hybrid multifunctional model which we're currently testing with a review pending. It should also be said that you don't necessarily need a dedicated citrus juicer to break down oranges. You can buy a "normal" juicer (especially if you like to mix things up!)

Here are some of our favorite juicers, priced low-high:

Meet the team

As well as our main tester/reviewer, we often have other members of the team who contribute to this article. They themselves have a wealth of industry and personal experience with the products outlined in this buying guide.

Christina Chrysostomou selfie
Christina Chrysostomou

Asides from coffee, our ecommerce editor, Christina Chrysostomou loves orange juice to start her morning. But she believes the "luxury" of pouring yourself a glass of OJ (with bits) shouldn't stop at the breakfast bar on vacation. Rather than use your hand as an impromptu sieve, she advises that you invest in proper equipment (which will yield better results and reduce food waste). Being Greek, she's practically 99.9% lemon juice. In fact, if lemons aren't in the house — there's going to be a problem, people. She goes through tons of the tart gems, making dressings, homemade lemonade, and squeezing them over roast potatoes (trust her — it's a game changer!)

Camryn Rabideau
Contributing Reviews Editor

Camryn Rabideau is a writer and product reviewer specializing in home and kitchen products. In her five years as a product tester, she's tested hundreds of items first-hand, including many, many kitchen appliances for Real Homes, and also works on our sister brand, Homes & Gardens. Camryn does her product testing from her small homestead in beautiful Rhode Island. Her work appears in publications such as Forbes, USA Today, The Spruce, Food52, and more. When she’s not tinkering around with the latest home gadgets, she spends her time tending to her animals, working in her garden, or crafting.

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