How to make a clothing rack look good with 7 simple techniques

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A pastel swirly background with a springtime clothing rack
(Image credit: Future/@cupofsar)

Whether you're in a dorm, apartment, or just a smaller space, you know multifunctional furniture is where it's at. And listen, a clothing rack is about to be your bestie for providing storage and a focal point all in one. 

They're adorable and affordable. Plus, they provide so much extra space for your clothing and instantly make any space feel much more fashion-forward. If you've recently secured one for your room, your next step is to figure out how to make a clothing rack look good. 

We're breaking it down to a science and putting together the techniques you need to use by analyzing the most dreamy inspo images and speaking to Sev Digil (aka @sev.3r), one of the influencers behind the clothing racks you've def seen gracing your feed. 

1. Curate a color scheme

A white clothing rack with light neutral and white clothes styled next to pammpas grass

(Image credit: @sev.3r)

The first thing that always catches my eye when I'm obsessing over stunning bedrooms with perfectly curated clothing racks is the satisfying arrangement of colorful clothes many of them feature. Fashion and lifestyle creator Sev Digil does this perfectly through her gorgeous display of white, creams, and pastel blue tones, giving the feeling of a cool summer day as seen above.

"My favorite way to organize my clothing rack is by similar colors and tones," Digil says. "It's the most effective way to accomplish that neat and visually appealing look."

So if there's one step you take to make your clothing rack look good, let it be a coordinated color scheme. Draw inspiration from your existing wardrobe or your favorite color. You can also seek out color palettes on Pinterest or through Pantone's amazing app (my personal favorite).

2. Coordinate it with your decor

A pastel styled clothing rack

(Image credit: @cupofsar)

Whether you love a boho look, embody the minimalist Scandi vibe, are drawn to Danish pastels, or are a vanilla girl through and through, your home decor definitely reflects your favorite aesthetic — and your wardrobe probably does too.

Use your clothing rack to showcase the statement pieces and most Insta-worthy outfits alongside your cutest decor, like creator @cupofsar does. We adore the springtime style of her corner that's styled with cute pastel dresses, on-trend checkerboard patterns, and classic florals paired with the retro vibe of her disco ball, heart-shaped sunnies, and Coachella-ready flower crown.

3. Recreate that retail vibe


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Want that same satisfying feeling you get from browsing immaculate stores at the mall when you step into your bedroom? Learn how to hang your jeans like the pros with this video from Hannah Warling, or check out the Folding Lady Sophie Liard for countless tutorials on folding literally every single item of clothing you can think of.

In addition to finessing your hanging and folding techniques, you can also build that luxury boutique feel through smaller details, like matching velvet hangers that keep your clothes from slipping (and making sure those hangers and your clothes are always facing the same direction).

Digil also recommends paying attention to finishing touches like your accessories and the layout of your clothing for a clean overall look. "Make sure you evenly space each item out so your clothing rack doesn't feel overcrowded," she says.

4. Style a variety of wardrobe staples

A clothing rack with boho clothing and accessories styled

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

Styling your clothing rack to look cute and become an element of decor is ideal, but it's important to remember its function: at the end of the day, this piece is a form of clothing storage and is basically a more visible version of your closet.

Whether you're a student headed to early morning classes or a corporate girlie, you've probs faced a rushed morning more times than you can count. That's why it's ideal to keep your personal staples like your favorite pair of jeans and hoodie on hand to save yourself those extra few minutes digging for something to wear first thing. 

5. Play with pattern and texture

A white clothing rack with neutral fall clothing and knitwear next to pampas grass

(Image credit: @sev.3r)

Even if you're sticking to a monochromatic or neutral color scheme, there's still plenty of room to play with textures and patterns in your wardrobe. As long as you're continuing to pull pieces that fit in with the tones of your color palette, you can create an exciting setup by mixing satin dresses with staple T-shirts and cute chunky cardigans in similar shades.

Sticking to black and white is a timeless look that works for any season, and as Digil demonstrates, you can still have an eye-catching display with an assortment of squiggles, stripes, and varying lengths and types of knitwear. 

6. Switch it up seasonally, and don't be afraid to decorate


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One of the most fun aspects of having a clothing rack? Being able to switch it up whenever you want. The perfect time to mix up the vibe is at the start of each season, and making the reset a part of your deep cleaning or bedroom organizing routine is a super fun break from the more mundane tidying tasks.

A seriously underrated way to upgrade the look of your clothing rack is to see the the higher shelves or top of your clothing rack like a mini coffee table. They're ideal for stacking books, candles, trinket dishes, and any other elements of decor you feel fit the season and your style best.

Put that strawberry vase full of tulips on your top shelf for spring alongside your best floral pieces, display your beach finds and bikinis over the summer, pick up some cute li'l velvet pumpkins from Amazon to style with your boots and jackets for the fall, and bring that cozy holiday feeling to your room with your cheesiest Christmas sweater, stacks of scarves and knitwear, and your iconic mini Uggs in the winter.  

7. Keep it polished with storage solutions

A white clothing rack with pink shoebox storage and a neutral and denim selection of clothing

(Image credit: SKLUM)

Real talk: Not every single item you own will sit neatly on a hanger or fold perfectly to be stacked. If you're in a studio apartment without a closet and your clothing rack is your main wardrobe location, you're likely in need of a space to store your shoes and accessories. Functionality matters, but we get it if you don't want to sacrifice that clean and polished look.

The good news is, these items can all still go on your clothing rack. Incorporate cute storage solutions like a jewelry stand, the Hay storage crates (or their alternative from Urban Outfitters), and stackable shoe boxes from Walmart that match your bedroom's decor and color scheme. These are cute picks that also serve as homes for loose items like belts and less-than-pristine sneakers you haven't gotten around to cleaning yet

These are key to keeping your clothing rack looking straight out of your Pinterest feed while still serving all the functions you need it to as a versatile piece of furniture.

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