Renters love this TikTok viral portable air conditioner to cool down their apartments this summer

Use this viral portable air conditioner to make your space comfortable this summer

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A little too stuffy in your apartment? This viral portable air conditioner may be the perfect way to keep cool this summer.

While this may sound like a hefty investment requiring some serious DIY, the Black+Decker 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner is easy to install and costs less than $350. The best news? Renters have found a way to fit it discreetly in their apartments without any permanent damage. 

See how to install this clever buy in your space for to help cool your room this summer.

The viral portable air conditioner taking over TikTok

Stuck in a rented apartment with no good way to cool down your home? We've been there. You're probably feeling way too hot and stuffy during the summer months. While you may have tried everything from a cooling pillow to a cooling mattress topper, nothing quite beats good old air conditioning. 

Good news, renters, TikTok is here to save the day! Renters have taken to the app to share a solution that's easy to install without renovating anything major. TikTok creator, Marco Zamora demonstrates how he sets up his portable air conditioner in his old-fashioned apartment.


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We managed to track down the summer cooling product used for this clever set-up.

This genius Black+Decker portable air conditioner, currently viral on TikTok, will make all the difference when summers are just getting hotter and hotter every year. Plus, it's a great way to cool down pets in the warmer months.

How to install the portable air conditioner

While you can use a traditional window kit for a portable air conditioner, like this window vent seal kit available on Amazon, Marco has a clever way of making it look a little more put together. Marco temporarily removes one of the glass panels in his windows (don't worry, you can put these back without damaging anything when the summer is over). 

He then cuts a Plexiglass panel, like this acrylic board from Walmart, to the exact size of the frame and cuts out a hole for the ventilation tube. To finish it off, he uses caulk to form a tight seal around the edges (this Gorilla waterproof caulk has over 17k reviews on Amazon and will do the job perfectly). After drying for a few hours, he sets up the air conditioning unit and cools down the whole room.

More cooling products

Looking for more ways to cool down your rental? Every house needs one of the best fans for moving air around. And if you're a hot sleeper, investing in a cooling mattress or other bedding will be super helpful on a warm night. 

Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

While you may have thought rental renovations were out of the question, it's actually possible to give your space an upgrade without losing your security deposit

Even if you live in an older building with unconventional-sized windows, there's a way to make a custom set-up on a budget with just a few extra items. No more sweating through those scorching summers on the top floor!

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