3 of the best cooling pillows to help you sleep well this summer

Ice, ice baby

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Sweaty sleeper? Forever waking up to flip your pillow in the night? You NEED (and the emphasis on need is very necessary) a cooling pillow. Yes, this type of pillow is designed to keep hot sleepers' body temperatures regulated at night. A cooling pillow will be one of the best things you buy as a warm sleeper, along with a cooling mattress topper, too. Trust us on this one.

We pooled together all of the Real Homes team members that admitted to sleeping warm, whether that's full-on night sweats or that they sleep with a fan every day of the year. And here, we've reviewed and rated three of the best cooling pillows, as recommended by reviewers and our team for you to buy.

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Before you get started, it's worth mentioning that a cooling pillow will be a little more expensive than your standard pillow. This is because they usually have some sort of extra material in them (probably gel) to keep your pillow from getting as warm as you do. With this in mind, we wouldn't recommend buying two. Instead, use your cooling pillow on its own if it's thick enough, or as your top pillow with a thinner pillow underneath it to reap the benefits.

You can thank us later, hot stuff.

The best cooling pillows to buy this summer

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Cooling pillow reviews


Visit our guide on how to choose a pillow if you're confused about which type of pillow is best for your sleeping position.

Is there a cooling pillow that actually works?

All three of the cooling pillows that we recommend do actually work, as we noted while testing. However, one stands tall out of the rest — the Coop Home Goods Eden Cool+ Pillow, which you can buy on Amazon. It comes at a higher price, but it will definitely keep you cold at night. You'll never ever flip your pillow again either.

How we review cooling pillows

Coop Home Goods Eden Cool + Pillow out of the box with all packaging and info

Coop Home Goods Eden Cool + Pillow

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These cooling pillows have been reviewed by sweaty sleepers only, and they've been reviewed in the summertime so that we know that they really do work. All of them have been tested by the Real Homes team in a location with unseasonally warm weather.

While testing these pillows for comfort, we've also scored them on how well they stay cool throughout the night. That and we consider each pillow's price, plus how easy it is to care for.

Meet our cooling pillow reviewers:

Annie Collyer author image
Annie Collyer

Annie has been testing products for Real Homes since 2018 and has tested 10+ pillows. She enlisted the help of her husband who sleeps hot to test the Coop Home Goods Eden Cool + Pillow.

Jaclyn Turner photo
Jaclyn Turner

Jaclyn used to be our sleep commerce editor, frequently testing out and staying up to date on all things mattresses and bedding. As a back sleeper who needs her full eight hours, she tested the Slumber Cloud UltraCool Pillow for Real Homes.

Selfie of Eve Smallman
Eve Smallman

Eve joined the team a few months ago and has since reviewed quite a few products for us. She sleeps on her back and side and often tosses and turns at night. She's sleeping on the Purple Harmony Pillow right now and is also testing their bed sheets and more.

Annie Collyer
Head Ecommerce Editor

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