The viral Ninja Creami is perfect for making frozen treats this summer — why we love it, plus cute budget alternatives

Fast and fabulous, the viral Ninja Creami has been all over TikTok

The viral Ninja Creami is on sale. Here is the Ninja Creami with pink ice cream in the container, with a hot pink ice cream background behind it and a like graphic to the right of it
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We're officially in love with the viral Ninja Creami, thanks to its ability to whip up delicious treats in a flash. From silky smoothies to rich ice cream, it can turn just about anything into a yummy frozen snack.

We've asked experts, including our own in-house foodie and an appliance pro, why it's such a great buy. As well as this, we've also tracked down where it's on sale and found alternatives that are more budget-friendly.

If you're looking for the best small kitchen appliances, the Ninja Creami is a brilliant choice to have on your radar for the sunnier months ahead.

Why we love the viral Ninja Creami


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We reviewed the Ninja Creami a couple of years ago and loved how neat and easy it was to use. So, we weren’t surprised to see it make a comeback this year.

“The Ninja Creami is a great investment for dessert lovers,” explains Emily Lambe, deputy editor of Real Homes and our resident food appliance expert.

She continues, “It has been exploding on TikTok with users crafting desserts from everything from canned fruit to coffee drinks.”

All you have to do is mix up your desired frozen goods in the Ninja Creami and enjoy. How easy, right?

“What sets it apart is its innovative design and technology, enabling users to create a wide array of frozen treats with ease and precision,” explains Sarah Johnson, appliance expert at Big Air Fryers, who is experienced with appliances that produce hot and cold goods. 

“With its powerful motor and rapid freezing technology, the Ninja Creami accelerates the freezing process, meaning less time waiting and more time enjoying delicious frozen delights,” she adds. “This makes it perfect for impromptu dessert cravings or entertaining guests on short notice.” 

Our reviewer Millie Fender tried making smoothies, ice cream, and sorbet in it and loved how easy it was to blend everything together to produce well-textured treats. 

She also recommended using less cream than normal when making recipes in it, making it a fab choice for anyone looking to make healthy treats.

Shop the Ninja Creami

Ninja Creami| Was $199 now $149 at Walmart (save $50)

Ninja Creami| Was $199 now $149 at Walmart (save $50)

Size (in.): H15.9 x L12.07
Functions: Ice cream, gelato, milkshake, smoothie bowl, lite ice cream, and mix in.
Included: Motor base, paddle, three 16 oz. pints with lids, an outer bowl and lid, and a recipe guide.

Don't have the space for a whole ice cream churner? This is a dreamy, smart small space alternative. It's easy to use, the parts are dishwasher safe, and even comes with a thorough recipe book. 

Our reviewer Millie's only qualms with it were the fact you can't refreeze goods once made and that it's very noisy. It's currently on sale at Walmart, so if you are thinking about snapping one up, now's the perfect time. 

We did spot the Ninja Creami on Amazon discounted at $168.98, but the Walmart discount is better. Make sure to keep an eye out for deal days like Amazon Prime Day if you do want to buy it there.

Ninja Creami alternatives

For those looking for budget alternatives to the Ninja Creami that offer something different, Emily has a few tips on what to look for.

“If you’re looking for an alternative, consider the strength of the motor and the materials it’s made from,” Emily suggests.

She continues, “Always look for stainless steel as this is the most durable when it comes to sharp blades cutting through frozen ingredients.”

We’ve rounded up top-rated picks that are also ideal for making delicious frozen treats that are less costly.

The prices below were correct at the time of publishing this article. 

Our handpicked alternatives are great choices, but if you’re looking for a frozen treat maker that will also blend up just about anything, the Ninja Creami is the way to go.

“For those seeking out innovation, versatility, and performance, look no further than the Ninja Creami. Your taste buds will thank you,” Sarah finishes by saying.

If you do want to wait and see if it will be discounted any further, look out for Ninja sales throughout the year. 

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