The best Christmas adverts EVER (as chosen by Real Homes)

From John Lewis' Monty the Penguin to Iceland's controversial, Rang Tan, we've rounded up the best Christmas adverts...

John Lewis Christmas advert
(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

Buying an advert calendar, picking the perfect tree, watching some Z-list celebrity turn on the Christmas lights, all great festive traditions, yes, but one that often comes before all of these is Christmas adverts. The second Halloween is over they start rolling in; we've already heard that the much anticipated (and always our personal fave) John Lewis Christmas advert is only around the corner. 

So, to pay homage to all the adverts of Christmas past, we've rounded up the best Christmas adverts from our fave brands... Of course, as well as all the Christmas adverts, November also means Black Friday (yay!). As well as having the best Christmas adverts, John Lewis also have the best Black Friday sales, so make sure you stay up to date with all the offers over on our John Lewis Black Friday page

5. The Holidays are coming, Coca Cola, 1995

A classic. An icon. A true sign Christmas is on its way. The second you hear those jingly bells, you just can't help be filled with festive glee. We've included the original 1995 Coca Cola advert in our pick of the best Christmas adverts but honestly, we love it every year, no matter what twist they put on it, so long as those bells are in there, we are happy. 

4. Christmas is for sharing, Sainsbury's, 2014 

Shivers. Actual shivers. The Sainsbury's Christmas advert from back in 2014 was based on the unofficial ceasefire between British and German soldiers that happened 100 years before on the Western Front. Not only was it a stunningly shot advert, with a heartfelt moral, all profits made from the sales of the chocolate bar featured went to The Royal British Legion to support veterans and their families. 

3. Paddington and the Christmas visitor, M&S, 2017 

You just can't go wrong with Paddington. Stick him in anything and people are going to love it. In this M&S Christmas advert, innocent little Paddington mistakes a bearded burglar for Santa Claus and 'helps' him return all the presents he has stolen. The burglar sees the error in his ways and all is good. Lovely stuff.  

2. Rang-tan, Iceland, 2018

Last year, this Iceland Christmas advert, made in collaboration with Green Peace was actually banned from TVs. It was rejected for being too political, addressing the effect that palm oil was having on our environment in an animated film about an orangutan and the destruction of his rainforest habitat. It was a hard watch yes, but the message was spot on. 

1. Monty the Penguin, John Lewis, 2016

And our fave Christmas advert? Of course it's John Lewis' Monty the Penguin. One of the Real Homes team did note that it's basically the story of a horny penguin, but we are overlooking their cynical views and think this Christmas advert was adorable. It had all the great elements of a Christmas advert: animals, kids and the gift of love. Nawwwwww. 

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