We found Jennifer Garner's KitchenAid espresso maker and 3 budget-friendly alternatives for your morning brew

Quick! This KitchenAid espresso maker is on sale now

KitchenAid espresso maker on left, Jennifer Garner on right
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Upgrade your morning brew with the KitchenAid espresso maker, as approved by Jennifer Garner. Not only is it beloved by celebs, this powerful machine can brew up just about any coffee drink you can think of. 

The 13 Going on 30 star took to Instagram to share how she uses the impressive KitchenAid espresso maker, available on Amazon which has a piping hot $200 discount on offer right via the retailer. In the video Jennifer made some light and fluffy pancakes as part of her social media cooking series, as well as brewed some coffee along the way, showcasing it's versatility and why it's worth the counter space in your kitchen.

Let's dive into everything this awesome coffee maker can do and why it's worth the spend, but don't worry if the $1000 price point is too high as we've found some budget-friendly alternatives you can snag instead.

Why we love Jennifer Garner's KitchenAid espresso maker

A good espresso maker is one of the best small kitchen appliances you can invest in. If you often find yourself at coffee shops in the morning, spending tons of money on macchiatos and cappuccinos, think again. While it's a pricey spend, picking up a high-quality espresso maker can actually save you money in the long run. 

Actress Jennifer Garner shared her favorite espresso maker on her Instagram account in her long-running cooking series, Pretend Cooking Show. Jennifer makes an americano at the push of a button in the brand-new KitchenAid Fully Automatic Espresso Machine KF8.

KitchenAid Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

The KitchenAid espresso maker is full of bells and whistles making it a pretty extraordinary buy. It comes with 15 different drink options including lattes, cappuccinos, esprsso, and more. The bean-to-cup machine comes with a removable bean hopper compartment so you can swap out beans easily.

There's no work required for your cup of Joe. The built-in grinder will automatically get the grind right and deliver the perfect drink. The Auto Purge function clears out the remaining beans in the grinder between batches.

The machine also comes with a separate milk container that you can fill with the milk of your choice. Just make sure to clean your coffee maker regularly to ensure the best quality.

The screen is clear and easy to use, presenting a label and image for each drink it can brew. And if you're a little forgetful, it comes with an automatic shut-off function and indicator light. 

It's available in four colors — Porcelain White (the color of Jennifer's model), Cast Iron Black, Juniper (a dark, rich green), and Stainless Steel. If your kitchen sees a lot of wear and tear, stainless steel may be the best option as it's so durable (one of the good things to know before buying a coffee maker).

Budget-friendly coffee alternatives

In need of a more budget-friendly small coffee maker? Something more simple like a pod coffee maker may be better suited for you. While you may not be able to grind beans fresh for each cup, pod machines can still brew a pretty great cup of coffee. 

You may also be limited on counter space and just want a machine that's smaller in scale, like a Nespresso coffee maker. There are plenty of slim coffee makers on the market that will slide into tiny spaces, including another celeb-approved find.

Jennifer definitely knows her way around the kitchen so we trust her cooking essentials and appliance picks. We also tracked down Jennifer's Dutch oven and KitchenAid stand mixer she uses for baking. We know we'll be tuning in the next time she whips up a delicious recipe.

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