Tan France’s guest cottage has a ‘polished yet personal’ style designers love

The presenter's home design skills match his elegant dress sense

We love Tan France's guest cottage style which is as stylish as his clothing. Here he is wearing a bright yellow blazer standing against a dark blue background with white lettering
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If you're looking for cozy and elegant, home inspiration, Tan France's guest cottage has it all. In a tour with Architectural Digest, Tan walked through the process of designing it, and let's just say, he gives his Queer Eye castmate Bobby Berk a run for his money.

Tan usually stays on the fashion side of the makeover show's transformations, but with Bobby set to leave the show, Tan has absolutely proved he's prime for the interiors slot, too. We've spoken to design experts to find out why his guest cottage style is on point, and picked out shoppable buys to match his decor.

For those looking for small space interior design ideas, Tan's place is filled with contemporary colors, textures, and finishing touches that make us swoon. As the Queer Eye theme tune goes, 'All things keep getting better' with each element Tan showcases.

Tan France's guest cottage

Tan's cottage is filled with ideas to make your small place look luxe.

Why we love Tan France's guest cottage

The presenter is known for his minimalistic yet effortless fashion (his Queer Eye looks always deliver), so it’s no surprise he’s brought this fab sense of style into his home.

“The low coffee table in the living room, for instance, brings in a blend of natural materials with a touch of modern elegance,” says Guillaume Drew, interior designer and founder of Or & Zon.

Guillaume Drew in a black jumper with a black and white filter
Guillaume Drew

Guillaume Drew is the founder of Or & Zon, a home decor store blending sustainable luxury with global artisanal treasures to enhance everyday living.

“Not only this, but the mint green color palette generates a calm and serene atmosphere,” Guillaume adds. “Implementing this color in home decor — be it through painting walls or adding blue-toned furnishings — may prove effective in replicating this.”

Pastel colors such as these are a key small space color trend for 2024, as they allow you to bring sophisticated vibrancy into your home while still making rooms look bright. This is a smart way to make a smaller room look bigger — you’ve got to work with what you’ve got, after all.

“It's clear Tan France has a polished yet personal decor sense,” says Joy Aumann, interior designer and founder of LuxurySoCalRealty. “He blends contemporary styles with antique touches, such as his copper jug, to create a welcoming environment reflecting his background and tastes.”

A picture of Joy Aumann with brown wavy hair smiling
Joy Aumann

Joy Aumann is a licensed realtor, interior designer, and founder of LuxurySoCalRealty. She has two decades of luxury real estate and design experience staging homes.

Even though this is a guest cottage, Tan has still found subtle but sleek ways to bring his personality into it, from patterned dinnerware to striking wall art. Joy adds, “I appreciate designers who find ways to incorporate meaningful personal items for telling their stories.”

One thing she has learned over the years is the most stylish spaces feel curated instead of contrived — making them feel like an extension of the person who lives there. In Tan's guest cottage, visitors can still feel like he’s hosting them, even when he isn’t directly there. 

If you don’t have a guest cottage (hey, we aren’t all famous presenters) and have a guest room instead, you can still add your own style to this small space for a similar effect.

Want to bring Tan’s style into your home? Joy suggests looking for antique secondhand furniture pieces with unique histories to add character. She says, “Pay close attention to details with quality materials and customized design touches.” 

If you're upcycling a thrifted piece, you can also add metallic handles — such as the ones in Tan’s kitchen — to make it look more expensive. Shh, we won’t tell anyone. 

Get the look with these buys inspired by Tan France's guest cottage

Makeover your home with these stylish buys similar to Tan's decor.

The prices below were correct at the time of publishing this article. 

Together, these strategies help make a home polished and personal like Tan's guest cottage. “The best design stems from your own experience and perspective,” Joy finishes by saying.

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