Lindsay Lohan's Dubai villa is coastal modern luxury at its finest — a designer reveals how to get the look from just $40

Lindsay Lohan might be back in Hollywood, but her home base is across the world, infusing a coastal chic into every inch

Lindsay lohan in a white dress next to a picture of a coastal blue pillow and boucle white chair on a blue background
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Lindsay Lohan has returned to Hollywood with new releases like Netflix's Irish Wish (and the forthcoming Freaky Friday 2) but the star's base is along Kite Beach in Dubai, where she embraces coastal luxury to the fullest.

The actor and new mom relocated to the United Arab Emirates roughly 10 years ago, but every so often, we catch a glimpse of her elegant yet relaxed four-bedroom villa on social media and can't help but fall for the actor's style. 

If you're attracted to coastal decor but want to take the look in a modern direction, you can make it happen à la Lindsay Lohan courtesy of help from our expert designer. 

Lindsay Lohan at home

Whether you're toying around with small living room ideas or perhaps nursery ideas, Lilo's breezy sanctuary, which comes from the mastermind Kate Instone of Blush International, will inspire you to venture seaside. According to our expert designer Nina Lichtenstein, there are some basics to cover if you want to nail this look. 

"Embrace a neutral color palette, incorporating shades of whites, creams, and beiges as the base," she says. "Introduce pops of serene blue tones inspired by the coastal waters. This creates a calming and sophisticated ambiance."

Ruggable's Celestine Soft Blue Rug is a baby blue floral find with foggy-colored undertones and could be a great place to start, as is Mistana's Abby Geometric Hand Knotted Wool Rug on Wayfair. From there, bring in the neutrals with the furniture and sprinkle your home with wood and other natural elements to accent the aesthetic. Above all, keep your space decluttered and embrace the natural light with some of our favorite small living room curtain ideas, the way Lindsay Lohan does in her (slightly larger) space. 

"An open area layout that maximizes natural light and sheer window treatment can foster a bright and breezy atmosphere," Nina adds. 

But if you take a look at Lilo's living room and neighboring dining room chairs below, which have all made their way to Instagram, you'll notice a modern touch elevates the space, but it still feels homey, something she mentions during her house tour in The National News. It's "coastal calm," but with a hint of luxe. 

If you're going to go the small modern living room route, even with a coastal influence, you have to be mindful of shape and textures of the pieces you're working with. 

"Think about curved sofas, round coffee tables, irregular shaped accent chairs — they mimic the fluidity of a coastal landscape," Nina notes. "You can balance structured pieces with soft flowing lines to make a coastal and dynamic inspired space."

And perhaps what Lindsay Lohan's space does best is add unexpected accents, like her mix media wall art.

Nina Lichtenstein
Nina Lichtenstein

When Nina Lichtenstein designs a home, it is more than just a house. It is a haven. One tailored to a family's distinctive tastes, daily rituals, special gatherings, and long-term dreams. It is a nest from which to launch lives and make memories for generations to come. Her use of diverse textures and elegant blends of stone, wood, and other natural materials are part of her signature style.

What to shop

Want to take the coastal look in a different direction? We've rounded up our favorite coastal cowgirl buys to help inspire you. Yeehaw! 

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