Suki Waterhouse's cozy studio is full of 'eclectic charm' — how to get the look on a budget

If you love the retro flair of Suki Waterhouse's cozy studio, allow our experts to help you create a space that's inspiring and fun

A velvet green sofa on a retro floral pink background next to a picture of Suki Waterhouse at the Meta Gala in 2023 with a light pink floral dress
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Suki Waterhouse's cozy studio is a great place to kick back and let endless inspiration flow. 

The model, musician, and first-time mom was photographed in a retro, boho space with a guitar by her side, and as a result, creative types like yourself might be in search of similar styles. 

Small office ideas like Suki's are fun yet productive, and it's important to strike a balance between the two. We asked a designer how you can achieve the retro aesthetic and stay on your A-game artistically. 

See inside Suki Waterhouse's cozy studio

Curious how to feel motivated in a small office like Suki? The key is to have a place where you can be comfortable, but not so comfortable that you start to doze. Case in point: the velvet sofa

"It's essential to strike a balance between opulence and comfort," designer Nina Lichtenstein says when discussing Suki Waterhouse's cozy studio. "Start by choosing a velvet couch in a rich jewel tone, such as emerald green or deep navy, to create a focal point in the room."

Wayfair's Liano Velvet Sofa in Goldenrod Velvet or the Bonrcea Modern Sofa Tufted Couch on Amazon are both solid jumping-off points for achieving what Nina refers to as "eclectic charm." (Psst: here's how to clean a velvet couch, according to the pros.)

"Pair [your couch] with plush throw pillows in complementary colors and textures to add depth and visual interest," she adds. "To enhance the luxurious feel, accessorize with metallic accents and soft, ambient lighting."

And to keep the inspo flowing, Nina recommends sentimental accents.

"Personalize the space with artwork, photographs, and meaningful objects that inspire creativity and reflect your unique style," she says. "Maximize natural light and incorporate plenty of greenery to foster a sense of tranquility and inspiration."

However, looks will only take you so far when it comes to making over a small office à la Suki. You need to have furniture that will help you stay focused and small office storage ideas are necessities. Something like the Industrial Charm Utility Cart with Wheels from Wayfair will keep your creative ideas in place and clutter-free. Don't forget to add things like a versatile desk or ergonomic chair, either. 

A picture of Nina Lichtenstein, a woman wearing a green jumpsuit
Nina Lichtenstein

When Nina Lichtenstein designs a home, it is more than just a house. It is a haven. One tailored to a family's distinctive tastes, daily rituals, special gatherings, and long-term dreams. It is a nest from which to launch lives and make memories for generations to come. Her use of diverse textures and elegant blends of stone, wood, and other natural materials are part of her signature style.

What to shop

If Suki Waterhouse's cozy studio is your jam, these pieces will help channel a similar look.

Trying to find more easy small office upgrades and small studio upgrades? We asked the experts: here are seven ways to zhuzh up your WFH and creative space,  according to the pros. 

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