Maude Apatow's apartment tour proves the 'Euphoria' star aced Entryway 101

Maude Apatow's apartment tour has us mulling over ways to greet our guests

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Maude Apatow's apartment tour in Architectural Digest wowed us from the get-go, quite literally. 

From the moment we (virtually) stepped into the pink, feminine entryway of her New York City home, we fell in love. There seemed to be plenty of breathing room, as far as Manhattan apartment standards go, yet the Euphoria star decided not to overcrowd the foyer. Instead, she opted to let the wallpaper do the talking, which makes perfect sense. 

If you're playing with small entryway ideas for your own space, we highly suggest using Maude's digs as your guide. 

Maude Apatow's apartment tour

New York is a concrete jungle, but all those with a green thumb will appreciate Maude's pink botanical wallpaper, which is accompanied by a brass mirror and a simple light fixture. It's a minimalist entryway, despite the intricate pattern, but the combination works perfectly. 

"I like the contrast from being in New York, things are kind of hectic, and the second I get into my apartment, I'm like, 'Ah, I can decompress,'" the actor says. "I feel relaxed when I walk inside. I think that was probably my main goal."

According to designers, Maude nails the latest small entryway mirror trend by opting for an oval selection. Ricky Allen, interior designer and director of Ever Wallpaper, told Real Homes' Eve Smallman that it "adds a touch of elegance and softness to the overall look."

Likewise, the wallpaper nails a small entryway decor trend by staying away from solids and giving the walls some flair. Ivo Iv, a home improvement expert and founder of Decor Home Ideas, told Eve that "a fun pattern on the walls could help define the space," which is certainly the case in this pink dream. (If you're a renter, you're going to want to stick with the peel-and-stick wallpaper route.)

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Ricky Allen

Ricky Allen is the interior designer and director of Ever Wallpaper, experts in high-quality wallpapers and murals, using non-toxic, odorless, and environmentally friendly materials.

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Ivo Iv

Ivo Iv is a home improvement expert and founder of Decor Home Ideas. He loves inspiring people with interior design ideas and showing them the practical steps to make these happen. 

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