Super Bowl food ideas: 5 easy and super tasty snacks that football fans will love

These tasty Super Bowl snacks can be whipped up quickly, with a little help from these top rated food appliances

Super Bowl snacks: chicken wings with barbecue sauce
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Can't decide what Super Bowl snacks you want to prepare this weekend? We can help. 

What is the most popular food for Super Bowl you say? Whether you're hosting vegans or your football-loving mates that happen to be ravenous meat-eaters, we've found a variety of Super Bowl food ideas to help you prepare ahead of the big  game. This way you can watch the game disruption-free!

Well, it's a good job the secret's out: Walmart has launched a Super Bowl sale with discounts on 100s of products, including appliances. This makes it the perfect time to enhance your repertoire beyond toast and pasta and really impress your friends and family this Super Bowl Sunday.

Highlights include a seriously cheap slow cooker, a popcorn machine and more... Oh, now you're interested?  Below you'll find  everything you need to nail your Super Bowl snack game, all you need to do is keep scrolling...

1. A slow cooker for chilli con/non carne

Own a slow cooker? It's time to dig it out of your cupboard and give it a clean. We love using this handy appliance to make a hearty meals that don't require you standing and stirring for half an hour. 

Our fave? A delicious chilli con carne – for vegetarians or vegans, that's a chilli non carne. All you need to do is prepare a few hours beforehand and leave in the slow cooker to work its magic. We've popped three of our favourite recipes below, one for meat eaters, one for veggies and another for plant-powered vegans. 

Instant Pot DUO80 8 Qt 7-in-1 Multi- Use Programmable Pressure Cooker | Was £149.99, now £99.99 at Walmart
Don't own a slow cooker? You're missing out. The instant pot is one of the best you can buy, and right now, it's under $100 at Walmart. This one features 10 programmes to make your life easier, too, including a Keep Warm function.View Deal

2. An air fryer for chicken wings... or tofu bites!

Finger food always goes down a treat, and let's face it: it's less washing for you to do, as long as you remember to buy napkins. 

While you can't really go wrong with chicken wings, give the vegans an option with our baked tofu bites recipe below. And for your benefit, you could pop them in an air fryer to save effort (and calories). Serve both with a tasty sauce and you're laughing. 

Other things to make in an air fryer: calamari, chips, chicken nuggets and more.

Farberware 3.2 Quart Digital Air Fryer | Was $69, now $39.99 at Walmart
This air fryer is a total bargain at just under $40. It features an easy-to-use touch screen, as well as eight programmes. And its 3.2 quart basket fits up to 2lbs of food. It's also dishwasher friendly to make clean up easier, too!View Deal

3. A popcorn machine for... well, popcorn!

A sliiiiightly lazier option, but no one we know hates popcorn, so it's a safe bet. Plus, you can spice things up by making several different batches – sweet, salt, toffee, butter, truffle, chilli, caramel – the options are endless.

Popcorn is so easy to make, we're sure you don't even need a recipe. Otherwise, buy the machine below to help you along the way. This way you can use it for parties and special occasions afterwards, too!

Nostalgia KPM200 2.5-Ounce Tabletop Kettle Maker | Was $90.49, now $49.99 at Walmart
This popcorn maker screams retro and we love it. This way your guests can serve themselves if and when they like, so that you can put your feet up. Oh, and it's a bargain right now.View Deal

4. A sandwich maker for irresistible grilled cheese

Grilled cheese is the snack of all snacks. And you can never convince us otherwise. This treat can be made quickly, providing the fact you've pre-prepared, and you can jazz up a grilled cheese sandwich by adding pickles, beef, tomatoes and more.

You'll need a sandwich maker to make grilled cheese, though, so it's a good job that this one from Walmart is on sale...

Hamilton Beach Panini Press Gourmet Sandwich Maker | Was $38, now $29.99 at Walmart
Fancy bread and mouth-watering cheese is all you need for this 10/10 snack. You could even pop some chilli con carne from above in each toastie, too. Oh, and did we mention that this machine can make two toasties at one time? Game-changer.View Deal

4. A pizza machine for super thin crusts

Homemade pizza? Pah, we can do it with our eyes closed thanks to this machine. Make your own dough, buy a range of toppings and pop your pizza on this pizza maker – yes, this is a thing – for crispy, fast pizzas. You won't even have to turn your oven on...

Betty Crocker Pizza Maker | $41.99 at Walmart
Now this is an appliance you never knew you needed in your life. Although the name suggests it can only be used for making pizza, we beg to differ. You can enjoy quesadillas, mini frittatas, quiches, giant cookies, hors d'oeuvres, nachos and more, all from one machine.View Deal

5. A mini donut machine for oh-so-sweet cravings

You need to make something for dessert, and what better than mini donuts? Don't just buy them from the store, make your own instead! This way you'll have a range of flavors on offer, and you can take all the credit when everyone's licking their lips.

Brentwood TS-250 Non-Stick Mini Donut Maker Machine | $24.40 from Walmart
Vanilla, chocolate, jelly, cinnamon – you name it, this donut machine can make it. Prep your ingredients beforehand so that a few minutes before people get hungry, all you need to do is turn on the machine, fill the trays and wait a few minutes. Zero deep fat frying, and this way, you can use it for other occasions.View Deal