Ssssshhh! Aldi has gorgeous Mother's Day gifts... Don't tell Mum – she'll never guess

After Mother's Day gifts? Get down to Aldi for bargain buys – your mum will never guess where they're from

Aldi mother's day gifts bag
(Image credit: Aldi)

Aldi, Aldi, Aldi you really do have our backs every step of the way... much like our mothers do, in fact. Mother's Day is on the horizon (22nd March – put it in your diaries boys and girls) and we are delighted to see that Aldi's shelves are stacked high with mum-pleasing goodies, from cute balloons and mugs to going all out with designer-style handbags, watches, jewellery boxes and gorgeous candles, all at budget prices. Best of all? You needn't part with more than £14.99. We're not being cheap, we're being budget-sensible... All the best buys, plus some mail-order alternatives below.

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1. Teal Velvet Glass Jewellery Box, £9.99

Aldi teal velvet mothers day jewellery box

(Image credit: Aldi)

The glass, velvet and copper frames combined give this jewellery box a definite look of sophistication and luxury without a hefty price tag. There's also a version with mirrored glass interior as a cute alternative. If your mum loves her jewellery, this box is the perfect way to declutter and offer a stylish storage and display solution (and if you're feeling generous, you can put some actual jewellery in it, too).

Teal Velvet Glass Jewellery Box, £9.99

2. Serenity Luxury Candle, £3.99

Aldi candles for Mothers Day

(Image credit: Aldi)

A candle is an essential gift for someone with a hectic schedule, with it being exclusively a luxury. Mums spend all of their time manoeuvring from work to family life, and lighting a candle restores a sense of serenity and calm. Aldi's range of luxury candles certainly offers that experience, packaged in chic glass containers made from tinted glass. We love their heavenly scents – you can't go wrong with this fab buy. 

Serenity Luxury Candle, £3.99

3. Grey Ladies' Mini Tote Bag, £14.99

Aldi grey ladies tote bag

(Image credit: Aldi)

Not only does this tote bag look great, it's also small and compact enough to hold on a long day/night out and is fitted with a large central compartment and three inner pockets, while also featuring an adjustable and removable strap. It also comes in black and pink so... we may have to buy one for ourselves too (as well as our mums, obvs).

Grey Ladies' Mini Tote Bag, £14.99

4. Ladies' Floral Watch & Notebook Set, £9.99

Aldi watch and notebook set

(Image credit: Aldi)

We just cannot get over that ridiiiculously good price... if it wasn't for the fact that Aldi is constantly surprising us with great deals, we'd think there had been a website error. Slim, sleek, practical and stylish, this watch ticks all the boxes. However, that's not all this gift has to offer, there's a gift box, a metal case, a matching A6 notebook and a pencil, too.

Ladies' Floral Watch & Notebook Set, £9.99

5. Healthy Glow Gift Set, £7.99

Aldi mothers day glow set face masks

(Image credit: Aldi)

Honestly, since Aldi dropped their skincare range Lacura, inspired by big makeup and skincare brands, the internet has been going mad. The packaging is cute and classy and the products really do deliver, at a fraction of the price of its inspiration. This skincare gift set includes toner, oil and a hot cloth cleanser. We love the scent and nourishing feel of the rose water oil. Mmmm.

Healthy Glow Gift Set, £7.99

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