Hilary Duff reveals how to personalize your small space through fragrance — and what's next for her line, Below 60°

Below 60° is our latest home fragrance crush, so we sat down with its beloved chief brand director to talk scents, interiors, and more

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Throughout her career, Hilary Duff has found different ways to express her creativity, with the latest string to her bow being Below 60° — a line of clean home fragrances. 

Real Homes chatted with the actor and entrepreneur to find out how she believes great home fragrances can shape our spaces (particularly the small ones) and how to create a safe haven we look forward to returning to. 

It’s something the mom of three (soon to be four) knows a lot about, and her top tip is taking time to find inspiration right at home, starting with the senses. "I think just burning a candle or putting on your favorite song, depending on what mood you're in, these [scents] do the same thing," she tells us. 

Oh, and if you're curious, which we know you are, Hilary also provides a little sneak peek at what's next for Below 60°.

Hilary Duff chats Below 60°, small spaces, and interior inspo

The fragrance diffuser hit shelves in the U.S. in late 2023 and landed on Amazon in 2024 with three aromas: Mint Disco on Ice, If Citrus Were a Feeling, and Vanilla Buys a Timeshare in Paradise, all of which aim to evoke different emotions. 

Hilary admits she's "all about the senses" and wanted to take her line in a positive direction by opting out of artificial fragrances. 

"I don't live a truly 100% natural lifestyle at all, but I love to — when I can control it," she says. "You can have it — you can have a home that represents you and how you feel and it can be natural and clean."

Though Hilary says her style is always morphing — right now it's a bit funky, eclectic, and a touch of '70s charm with some white space thrown in — a few things remain consistent: she wants her home to be representative of her personality and a sanctuary for her growing family.

How has your style inspired Below 60°?

The product itself is very modern and clean, and I have elements of that in my house. I've been slowly adding beautiful iron glass doors inside my home, which is very traditional, very Georgian, almost. But adding these modern doors and windows has really switched up the vibe and made it a little more funky.

The Below 60° plug-in is very clean and sleek, which I think is very important. You know, we live in a modern world where tech is very much at the forefront of all of our lives. I wanted it to be simple and disappear into the wall, but the scents are kind of a different story, and I really wanted to set a tone and have a story behind each one and have them be really universal. 

How does Below 60° stand out from its competitors? 

Below 60° is truly, 100% natural, so it sets us up against a lot more challenges than other brands. But you know, having kids and having so much awareness in what's good and bad for us — whether it's environmental or what we're putting in our bodies — you can control what you have in your house, so that's really important. 

I think that just having a truly natural product is something that makes us different than other people in this space. It's really hard to accomplish — there are so many regulations and guidelines when you're dealing with scents. It's very limiting, but the people we have working on it are just incredible and can do wonders, but it's a time-consuming process. 

"I think the home is just very personal, and you have to make it your sanctuary."

Hilary Duff

What makes Below 60° ideal for those of us in smaller homes?

I think the device works much better in a smaller space. It can also work great in a large space, you just have to have multiple devices plugged in to really get the effect, but it's really about what [fragrance] you desire, you know? 

When I travel and I'm in a hotel room that's smaller than my home, I always bring it because it warms up the space and makes it more personal. It's like "Oh, I'm definitely not home right now, but a touch of me is here."

What is your go-to fragrance when you travel?

Well, the one I always hate on is Vanilla Buys a Timeshare in Paradise, but it's actually my favorite when I travel. My favorite in my home is If Citrus Were a Feeling, but once I was in New York and staying at this really cute boutique hotel, I just popped in Vanilla Buys a Timeshare in Paradise, and I was obsessed with it. I feel like if you like vanilla, it's is a comforting, homey scent and that's what I was looking for when I'm traveling.

How would you say Below 60° changes the atmosphere of homes? 

For me, it's all about the senses. That's about not having the lights just blasting, it's about [things] being just right. You start to pour a glass of wine, cook something, open a window — I think the home is just very personal and you have to make it your sanctuary. Our world is so crazy and it's a nice way to also express a part of your personality. 

"You can have a home that represents you and how you feel — and it can be natural and clean."

Hilary Duff

What do each of the scents mean to you?

The first one we started was Mint Disco on Ice. It's kind of like a minty fresh, icy uplifting scent. I think it's geared a little more toward men, because they don't typically go towards floral things. But I love it, it's a really nice, clean fragrance.

And then we created If Citrus Were a Feeling, which is very bright and I feel like works anywhere in the home. I love to have it in my entryway, but I probably wouldn't have it in my bedroom.

And the other one is Vanilla Buys a Timeshare in Paradise, which I had a lot of fun with the name because vanilla to me is very summertime, but it's one of the favorites so it's got some coconut, and it does feel very island-y. But it's also warm at the same time, and it's definitely a fan-favorite and it takes you somewhere.

What are you hoping to achieve overall with Below 60°?

Oh my gosh, I think I would like to expand people's knowledge on using truly natural fragrances and how they can be effective and they can work in your house, and you don't have to deal with artificial scents, but it's a process to crack the code on it. 

And also, of course, we want to expand. I want to make candles and one of the bigger interests in my life having three — almost four — kids now is the smell of my cars. There's always food and snacks going around, and strawberries under the seats. So definitely some sort of a device. And, you know, just help people reach their goal of incorporating more healthy choices in their lives. 

As far as the scents that are coming down the pipeline? Hilary tells us she's really pushing for Palo Santo, and she found a hyacinth-inspired aroma that's clean and refreshing. For those who like to stay in tune with the time of year, you can look forward to seasonal fragrances, particularly in the fall. Names and specifics are still in the works, but in the meantime, you can find something you love with our go-to air fresheners, essential oil diffusers, and reed diffusers.

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