Sage, a new Le Creuset color, will transform your kitchen into a spring sanctuary

There's nothing quite like a new Le Creuset color, especially one that perfectly encapsulates the best of the season ahead

New Le Creuset color, sage, in two rows of cookware in the kitchen
(Image credit: Le Creuset)

A new Le Creuset color is always worth celebrating, especially if said color is a gorgeous, dewy sage.

It's the perfect hue to breathe new life into your kitchen after a long winter and with nature finally coming back to life, Le Creuset has nailed the time to introduce this new soothing green shade.

The wonderful thing about the Le Creuset sage cookware line is that it serves up serious style with serious quality, so you can use it for a pop of color on open kitchen shelves when it's not in use.

Explore the new Le Creuset color, Sage

You can make small kitchen upgrades with something as simple as a dutch oven in a lovely sage color, hint hint, showing its stuff on the stovetop. 

Or perhaps you can snag a few of the Le Creuset Vancouver mugs to dress up your kitchen island decor ideas, and slowly start to transform the aesthetic with fun accents like these. 

When discussing new spring buys celebrating greens, designer Nina Lichtenstein told Real Homes readers recently to embrace the shade in all of its forms. 

"These hues mirror the changing landscape outside, creating a connection with the evolving seasons," she said. "Swap out accessories or introduce seasonal decor to keep the space fresh and dynamic as the year progresses," Nina adds. 

If you were leaning towards a spring refresh anyway, now might be a good time to learn how to store plates and cookware in a small kitchen like a professional organizer, and make way for new Le Creuset colored goodies.

What to shop

It's hard not to add one of everything in this new Le Creuset color to your cart. Let's start slowly and pick out some show-stoppers, particularly the steeply discounted and bestselling round wide oven, which just so happens to look oh-so-gorgeous in sage green.

Not quite convinced about going green? Le Creuset brioche, another new color in the collection, works perfectly with 2024's most popular trend: all things neutral. 

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