Paint expert Annie Sloan launches new paintbrushes (here's why you need them)

Take your furniture upcycling projects to the next level with these handy helpers

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With the bank holiday weekend fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to get kitted out for your next decorating project. The long breaks are ideal for trying your hand at a spot of upcycling, turning a piece of dated or tired-looking furniture into an eye-catching centrepiece for your room scheme.  

Whether you want to give a wooden mirror a colourful new look, add some decorative details to a chest of drawers or transform a nest of tables, this new Detail Brush set, £14.95 from Annie Sloan, is just what you’ll need to create decorative paint effects and fine details, giving your upcycled furniture a unique (and expert) finish.

Set of four upcycling paintbrushes in a case

The Detail Brush set costs £14.95 from Annie Sloan

‘For me, you only need two shapes of brush for decorative details – one that’s pointed and one that’s flat,’ says paint and colour expert Annie Sloan. ‘I’ve created two sizes of each – they’re perfect for adding personality to a project.’  

If you’re looking to create thin lines and small dots, the small round brush will do the job as it holds less paint, making it easy to apply details precisely. For thicker lines and dots, or for when you want to alternate between light and heavy marks, the large round brush should be your tool of choice, while the two flat brushes are ideal for both thin and thick lined details.  

Decorative stencil for using on upcycled furniture

Give your upcycled furniture a decorative edge with this Bell Flowers stencil, £6.99 from Annie Sloan

If creating decorative details entirely freehand seems a little daunting, then get a helping hand by using Annie Sloan’s fantastic range of stencils, which include pretty florals, striking geometrics and quirky details. Happy decorating!