Mrs Hinch shares her cleaning shopping list – this is ALL you need

This list of cleaning products from Mrs Hinch will get your house cleaning done and dusted

Mrs Hinch cleaning favourites
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Mrs Hinch is the queen of clean, with thousands of people flocking to her Instagram account for cleaning advice and inspiration. But what if you could have all of Mrs Hinch's cleaning wisdom distilled into one handy list?

Amazingly, this is exactly what the cleaning guru has done in one of her recent Insta posts, sharing her ultimate top 10 household cleaning products. We don't know about you, but we can't wait to try them all out. Read on to find out what each product does best. 

1. Zoflora

Zoflora is one of the nation's favourite cleaning products, and no wonder: it works on almost every surface, kills many types of bacteria, and comes in a variety of scents, for those of us who care about how our cleaning products smell. It's economical, too: you dilute it with water in a ratio of 1:40, making one bottle last a long time.

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2. The Pink Stuff

We love us a cleaning paste at RealHomes – much easier to work with than liquids and sprays when you're trying to remove tough rust stains from metal furniture, or grease from a barbecue grate or stainless steel stove top. The Pink Stuff tackles metal surfaces admirably, and smells good, too. 

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3. A Dishmatic

Hate having to reach for the washing-up liquid every 10 seconds while you're doing the dishes? So do we. Which is why every one needs a Dishmatic. You fill it up with dishwashing liquid, and it dispenses it for you. The long handle is also very handy for protecting your hands from the soapy water. 

4. A Minky

The Minky is a cleaning and washing-up pad with a difference: it's been treated with silver nitrate, which makes it resistant to the growth of bacteria. So, toss out your bacteria-infested sponge and try this instead – it will last longer, clean better thanks to its microfibre material, and won't smell. 

5. Minky glass + window cloth

Still cleaning your windows with paper towels? You don't know what you're missing: the Minky glass and window M cloth will give you a streak-free finish and can be used without any window cleaner, just water. 

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6. Febreze fabric spray

The Febreze Fabric Spray is such a classic – there's no type of upholstery it won't tackle. From tired sofas to smelly carpets, it's guaranteed to bring tired and musty household fabrics back to life, and comes in a variety of lovely scents. 

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7. Bleach

Tired of buying too many cleaning products? Good old bleach, or hyrogen peroxide, is useful for so many surfaces in your home, from toilets to washing machines, and many types of flooring (just don't use it on wood or laminate). Always go for food grade bleach, and always keep away from children, pets, and your eyes. 

8. A mop

Not just any mop, mind – there are so many clever mops out there these days, you're spoiled for choice. Do you need one that disinfects while it cleans? Or one that sprays water for you, saving you hassle with buckets? see out pick of the best mops for guidance. 

9. Dettol all-in-one disinfectant

No one needs an explanation for why we need disinfectant products in our homes right now, especially if you have a renovation going on with people coming in. The best thing about the Dettol disinfectant is that it reliably kills 99.9 per cent of bacteria, and can be used on pretty much anything, including mattresses, sofas, name it.

10. Windolene glass spray

Want the surfaces in your home to shine? You need this spray – it's good for so much than just windows. Taps, fridges, worktops, and your glass top coffee table will sparkle with this one. No streaks, either. 

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