The living room color we're all obsessed with in 2022

And our Style Editor knows exactly why...

living room with large green sofa
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The most popular living room color of 2022 has been revealed. And it is safe to say we are not shocked in the slightest – and no, it's not white.

Sofa in a box brand Swyft Home checked Google data to draw a list of the colors we search for the most when decorating our living rooms. The top 12 – including everything from mustard to black – shows the monthly average of people searching for that color followed by the words 'living room' in 2022. 

At the top of the list is green living room, which as we predicted last year has overtaken gray to become the color most of us are coveting. As well as it being searched for as a overall color scheme, 'green sofa' also gets more interest in the US than 'gray sofa', and is the second-highest sofa color search in the UK.

Swyft green sofa in an exposed brick living space

The Swyft Model 02 sofa looks lush in timeless Vine velvet

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Common neutrals like white, cream and black are still in the lists for both sofa and living room inspo, but a number of more vibrant colors show that we're not all playing it so safe. 

So what do the experts think has caused green to come out on top?

Our style editor Anna Morley thinks green's popularity is in its nature. 

'We associate the popular color of green with the feelings of rejuvenation and reassurance as it is seen as a refreshing, restorative, balancing hue. So it's no surprise that we've seen a rise in its use in interiors.'

And the versatile color is not just for living spaces. 

'Green kitchens, sofas, wall colors and accessories are hot right now and depending on the shade used, can create a calming effect on an interior scheme. 

'We’ve even seen it incorporated into the Scandi aesthetic to help soften the overall feel,' says Anna.

Proctor House: Anna and John used their skills as an artist and architect in a colourful transformation of their Battersea home

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The soothing side of green is something that sits hand in hand with other trends we have seen rising in the last few years, such as biophilic design and looks rooted in wellbeing and sustainability. 

Ben White, design and trade expert at Swyft Home agrees: 'The rising popularity of green, both in the worlds of fashion and interiors, was predicted pre-2021, as trends generally began to lean more towards a natural look. 

'I think the rise of green interiors is to do with more people wanting to bring the outside into their homes.'

If you are worried green is just a trend though, you should be reassured that this color is likely to be a little more enduring, so investing in green furniture or a bold green wallpaper or paint is time (and money) well spent. 

collection of luscious green houseplants on a large windowsill

Can't paint green? Leaf Envy shows how to make any space greener with house plants

(Image credit: Leaf Envy)

As Anna says, the key is picking the timeless versions of this color and knowing how to use it at its best. 

'As in nature, green combines with a wide variety of other colors (remember the pink and green phase anyone?*) so it's a great tone for using as a base furniture piece or large wall. An easy color to use throughout the house, it's ideally suited to a living room or study'.

And if you're scared to take the plunge with larger green items or redecorating, don't forget how easily you can bring greenery in with the best house plants, to breathe life into any corner of the home.

Is there anywhere green doesn't work? In short no, but do be careful with certain hues in certain places. 'It's great in a bedroom, but avoid lime shades in here as it can feel over stimulationg,' Anna concludes.

So, yes to green bedroom ideas but keep zingy limes to more lively spaces.

*Editor note: phase? You have just described my home office...

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