This popular color has been tipped as the new gray for 2021

After a gray old year, we're leaning towards the tones of Mother Nature

green kitchen
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Just like our houseplants make a space feel more homely, green brings an undeniable sense of calm thanks to its close connection with nature. 

Gray has permeated our walls, sofas and curtains over the last decade, but it seems we're turning over a new leaf and embracing green's range of vibrant hues.

Home furnishings retailer Terrys notes an uptick in green decor, with Google searches for 'Green Homeware' up 250% year on year. Plus, the search query 'Green Cushions' is up 124%, while 'Green Curtains' has risen 83%.

green tiled bathroom with mirrors and sink

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Is green the new gray?

'There is a green for every season,' says designer Faith Blakeney. 'I believe that green is having a moment right now because of its inextricable and often subconscious association with nature. 

'Particularly as we have all been cooped up in our homes, bringing the outdoors inside with color can have a truly calming and nurturing effect on our soul,' Fait explains.

We totally agree, and think that there's a green for everyone - from muddy olive tones and glittering emeralds to soft sage and pistachio.

bedroom with green panelling

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Sophisticated neutral gray has become something of a default color in interiors. But given that the world has been extremely gray over the last 18 months, it's no surprise we're now drawn to a bolder palette. 

We are also witnessing a growing trend of bringing the indoors out, blurring the lines between home and garden with stylish outdoor living spaces. This, along with rural, whimsical cottagecore ideas has led green to take center stage.

Though we may not realize it, choosing to incorporate green shades into our homes says a lot about our personalities. Linda Barker, interior designer owner of Linda Barker Paints explains 'Green is generally considered the most calming and restorative of colors,' and says it can even be therapeutic.


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'If you use the color green, you're most likely a really down-to-earth person who is not only trustworthy and well-balanced but generous and all-around harmoniously happy!'.

Go all-in with a green sofa and feature wall, or simply introduce the color with decor pieces. Printed cushions, window treatments and artwork are all great ways to inject the color into your space, without overpowering it.

There'll always be a place for gray, but the array of green shades make it a surprisingly versatile choice.

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