Here's the best way to clean oven glass (without elbow grease)

We cleaned the oven in Towers for the first time ever this weekend. Here's our best hack for the oven glass

Cleaning an oven
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Cleaning your oven because you can't work from home (or can't concentrate and need some good old cleaning therapy)? We did ours this weekend. The trickiest part, without doubt, is cleaning the oven's glass door. And this is how to clean it, using only store cupboard standbys.

How to clean oven glass (so it sparkles)

1. Raid the fruit bowl for lemons, cut one in half, squeeze the juice into a deep baking tray or oven proof dish and put the squeezed lemon halves in the tray, too. Set the oven at 250°C and cook the lemon for 30 minutes. The steam from the lemons will steam clean your oven. Once it's cooled, wipe it out with a sponge and rinse.

2. Still not worked? Wet the inside of the glass door with a damp cloth, then sprinkle baking soda/bicarbonate of soda over it. Spray/sprinkle white vinegar over the top. Leave for 30 minutes. Use our guides to cleaning with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to find lots more useful tips.

3. No vinegar? Use more lemon juice instead.

4. Any leftover food should now have started to loosen. Protect the floor beneath the open door, then take a plastic scraper (a spatula will do) and scrape off any food. 

5. Take a sponge and a bowl of warm, soapy water and begin wiping the inside of the oven glass door. Rinse your sponge in the water and repeat this step until the oven is clean. Rinsing the sponge after each round will avoid spreading dirt. 

6. Wipe the glass door dry with paper towels removing all cleaning product residue. Never take your door apart. 

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