5 oven cleaning hacks from Mrs Hinch that are sooo easy

It’s not your favourite job, right? But with these tips from the cleanfluencer oven cleaning will be super simple

Cleaning an oven
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Ask a group of people what their least favourite cleaning job is, and it’s a safe bet that plenty of them will say it’s tackling the oven. Cleaning the oven can be a tough chore, especially if the very thought of cleaning the oven has led you to put it off thus making the whole job harder.

Who will come to the unwilling oven-cleaner's rescue? Why, Mrs Hinch, of course. The Instagram sensation and cleanfluencer has plenty of hacks that can make the whole job if not a pleasure (we can’t demand that of anyone), at least not the horror you might be contemplating.

Take a look at Mrs Hinch’s oven-cleaning hacks below and rid yours of grease, debris and splatter. For a boost, get help from the best oven cleaner, too.

Clean the oven like Mrs Hinch

These are the tips and tricks Mrs Hinch has shared to get the oven pristine once more.

1. Deal with the grease and food residue

If you haven’t cleaned your oven for a while, there’s going to be grease and burnt-on food inside it. In fact, even Mrs Hinch has revealed that it’s a chore she gets behind with and this is the result.

Her answer? A combination of one of her go-to cleaning products Stardrops The Pink Stuff applied with another favourite, the Scrub Daddy (the sponge with the smiley face). 

The pink paste is a mildly abrasive cleaner so make sure you don’t apply too much pressure. You’ll need to wait until your oven is cool, too, but you knew that. The Scrub Daddy promises scratch-free cleaning. Check your oven manual before you start to be aware of any no-nos when it comes to cleaning it.

2. Make the oven door sparkle

If your kitchen is to be as hygienic as Mrs Hinch’s, you’ll want to make sure the oven door looks good from the outside as well as the inside being clean. The secret? Mrs Hinch revealed to the Mirror that she uses a combination of her Kermit and white vinegar. 

Kermit, as all Hinch army members know, is the Minky MCloth. It’s made from microfibre and doesn’t scratch, plus it’s been treated with anti-bacterial protection.

3. Transform the bottom of the oven

Burnt food in the bottom of the oven? It’s probably not in as bad a state as the oven shared by one Facebook cleaning group contributor. She hadn’t cleaned it in 10 years, The Sun revealed. 

But with the help of a Mrs Hinch-appoved cleaning product, the long neglected oven was rescued. Elbow Grease spray used inside the oven sorted out the burnt-on bits, especially on the bottom. Left to do its work, the spray loosened the debris so it could be wiped out. The next step? The Pink Stuff, as in hack 1, above. Oven transformed!

4. Speed clean oven racks

If a dish you were cooking in the oven bubbled over leaving debris on the racks, your oven might not need a full clean but you’ll definitely want to tackle it before the food residue gets really cooked on. This is how to clean oven racks, Mrs Hinch style.

The answer, Mrs Hinch revealed in the Mirror is to take the racks out and soak them in warm water with a squirt of washing-up liquid. It’s easy and it’ll save you a much tougher job down the line.

All done. You should have no qualms about cooking in your sparkling clean oven now.

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