Emma Roberts' kitchen island from Urban Outfitters is right on trend for 2024, according to design experts

We found Emma Roberts' kitchen island from Urban Outfitters and it's on sale now

Wooden kitchen island on left, Emma Roberts on right
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If your workspace needs a refresh, get inspired by Emma Roberts' kitchen island. Her warm and inviting kitchen is the perfect place to whip up a weeknight dinner. 

The American Horror Story star partnered with Architectural Digest to share an inside look at her stunning home. As interiors experts, we were immediately taken with her gorgeous wooden kitchen island. 

And we weren't the only ones. Design pros are also loving Emma's kitchen island ideas and shared how to recreate the look.

Why we're loving Emma Roberts' kitchen island

With a lot of use, kitchens can start to look tired and in need of a refresh. One of the most effective ways to change the whole look of the room is with a simple kitchen island makeover. And Emma Roberts' kitchen island is a great place to start. 

The actress took Architectural Digest inside her cozy LA home and shared a glimpse of her kitchen on Instagram. Featuring checkerboard floor tiles, warm neutral cabinets, and stainless steel appliances, there's plenty to love about this modern small kitchen. But the main feature that stood out to us is Emma's wooden kitchen island, acting as a statement centerpiece for the room.

Emma recalls feeling like something was missing from the kitchen and her design team suggested installing an island. Emma tells AD, "It’s a game changer. It’s completely changed how we live in the kitchen. It’s just so much easier to cook and so much easier to sit." 

The right kitchen island can really make a difference in a small kitchen. Plus, using wood in a kitchen like Emma's adds an organic, natural look — an important kitchen island trend for 2024. 

"We’ve seen a lot of modern farmhouse aesthetics in recent months, and it’s becoming a big thing for 2024. The butcher-block countertop used for the island really reflects this alongside the clean-lined edges of the installation. It’s casual, a little rustic, and yet screams luxury in its own special way," says Andy Ellis, director of Posh, a luxury home goods retailer.

Natural materials are also a great eco-friendly option. "Her choice of a wooden island is particularly on-trend; it adds warmth and a touch of nature to the kitchen, aligning with the current shift towards sustainable and natural materials in home design," says Pam Hutter, Principal of Hutter Architects.

"The colors used are particularly fashionable right now, especially since she has kept to quite earthy and natural tones. The design is minimalist and really makes use of a tiny space that needs a little bit of love," says Andy.

How to recreate the look

Interested in recreating this modern kitchen island set-up? Luckily for you, we found the exact model Emma uses in her kitchen. The best news? It's not a custom designer piece — it's actually from Urban Outfitters and is on sale now! 

Emma uses the Grayson Kitchen Island from Urban Outfitters which features a butcher block wooden countertop, two storage shelves, and an overhang for stool seating. 

"Incorporating built-in storage solutions and versatile features like retractable seating or integrated cutting surfaces enhances utility while maintaining sleek lines. Matching the wood with neutral tones or muted color palettes can accentuate its natural beauty, creating a serene and inviting kitchen space," says Pam.

Once your unit is in place, it's time to style the kitchen island. Add a couple of wooden stools for seating that coordinate with the island. Then finish off the look with a few decor accents like a decorative fruit bowl and a floral centerpiece.

If you're loving Emma's design ideas, we also took a look at other parts of her home. A particularly unique feature, Emma Robert's doll collection serves as great inspiration for storing collections from makeup to knick-knacks.

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