I found 7 fun versions of boring home items on Amazon

Cute home items? From Amazon? It's true and we've found seven of them

home items from Amazon
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As a Shopping Editor, part of my job is knowing when to spend money on home items and when I shouldn't. I rationalize my decision to spend thousands of dollars on the best mattress or the best armchair for my office as I know typically know they're worth the investment, and I'll get more use out of them. 

Then, to make up for my losses, I look to cut corners when shopping for more miscellaneous items for my home. I know that practical pieces such as a garbage can or kitchen towel will be used and replaced in a few months, so I tend to look for the most affordable option. 

Never once do I take into consideration how they'll look aesthetically with the rest of my home decor as I equate that factor with dollar signs, and again, I never care to go down that rabbit hole — or at least, I wasn't willing to until now. 

Amid yet another Amazon late-night shopping experience, I was left speechless over how many mundane items are not only affordable but oh-so-chic; it was a completely foreign concept to me. We're talking garbage cans, ice tray cubes, and even garbage cans: pretty, practical, and in my price point. 

Are you having a hard time believing me? See for yourself. 

Here are the seven practical and pretty home items to add to your homes ASAP. 

1. This adorable ice cube tray

dog ice cube tray

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Dachshund Dog Ice Cube Trays for $6.99, at Amazon

Who says ice cube trays have to be boring? Not us — nor does the seller of this adorable dog-shaped ice cub trays. Pop some of these in your AM iced-coffee and watch your mood instantly improve. 

2. These trendy mugs

amazon coffee mug

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Luigi Bormioli Thermic Suprimo Coffee Mug, 10-1/4-Ounce, Set of 2 | Now $26.99 at Amazon

If you told people you got these contemporary glass coffee mugs at a trendy museum gift shop, they'd probably believe you. They're made form Borosilicate glass (the same glass used for Pyrex), lest you're worried about them breaking.

3. This labeled laundry basket

Home items for laundry room

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SAVVY & CHIC Lint Bin l Was $25.99, Now $23.99, at Amazon

This lint laundry basket is perfect for anyone who is looking for something pretty and practical. The labeled outside makes keeping your family in order on what goes where, while the off-white shade looks sensational anywhere.

4. This trendy thermometer 

home items for bathroom use

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Infrared Thermometer l Was $29.99, Now $19.74, at Amazon

Being sick sucks, but the home items you use don't have to! Replace your usual go-to thermometer with this sleek black choice. With a digital touchscreen, it's perfect for avoiding cross-contamination from one person to the other while giving results in real-time. 

5. These decorative dish towels

home items towels

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LAZI Kitchen 16 x 25 Dish Towels, Pack of 6 l 22.99, Now $13.99, at Amazon

Designed to soak up any liquid or mess, this pack of six cotton towels remains tough and durable while also adding a colorful accent to any sink or countertop. 

6. This sustainable set

home items for kitchen

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KITCHING AROUND Wheat Straw Dinnerware 16-Piece Set for $24.95, at Amazon

Bring the family together all day, every day with this 16-piece set. Designed with sustainable wheat straw, this material ensures that the items do not stain when heated, meaning you can whip out these plates, bowls, and cups day-in-and-day-out. 

7. This colored trash can

home items trash can

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Brabantia Pedal Bin starting at $31.43, at Amazon

Add a hint of color to every kitchen by replacing trash cans with this one. Available in a slew of shades — from yellow to moss green — this foot-step system will keep your trash hidden and your décor on-trend. 

Still, want more home items? Check out additional suggestions below: 

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