ATTN Swifties: Taylor Swift decor ideas for every era

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Can I ask you a question? Do you ever feel like decorating a crowded room? Swifties, if you feel like your space needs a Reputation-sized makeover, I've got your back. No matter which era speaks to you the most, I've scoured the internet for my fave picks. 

Finding your perf era can be a challenging task tho... some days I'm feeling a Midnights vibe and some days I wanna throw it all the way back to debut. I guess you could call it what you want (wink wink). 

Whether you're decorating your first apartment or your half of a dorm room, I've found some great picks that just say "Taylor." Think everything from her glittery 1989 days to the more somber Folklore and Evermore eras. Or maybe you're more inspired by the August edit in The Summer I Turned Pretty trailer? 

Check out some Taylor Swift decor ideas from a die-hard Swiftie, below...

Taylor Swift

Ahhh debut — the early days where everything started. OG Taylor was in full country mode with cowboy boots and pick-up trucks galore (specifically, a stupid old one he wouldn't let her drive). As for design, look for blues and greens, lots of butterflies, and a slight farmhouse style (think coastal cowgirl).


Taylor's sophomore album holds such a special place in my heart TBH. Confession time: While this might age me, this is where I first found her music back in high school. Fearless is all about metallic gold with a few romantic touches and slight country vibes here and there. 

Speak Now

And I said speak noooow... Is anyone else having a Speak Now renaissance with the new Taylor's Version release? How was I sleeping on the era containing "Back to December," "Enchanted," AND "Haunted"?! Break out everything purple and embrace the fairytale aesthetic.


Do I even have to say which color sums up this album? Grab a chai latte, wrap up in that cozy scarf (IYKYK), and put on some red lipstick because Red is all about those comfy autumn vibes. I'm decorating with all shades of red from scarlet to deep maroon (li'l Midnights Easter egg there).


Looking for some decor that will never go out of style? It's hard to sum up just how iconic the 1989 album is in the Swiftie fandom. Light blue and sparkly silver dominate this era with neon lights, Polaroids, and of course, a nod to New York City. Picture cherry lips & crystal skies. 


Baby, let the games begin... Perhaps her most her most controversial era, I loooove the drama of Reputation. Channel your inner villain and go all out with dark colors, shiny diamonds, and plenty of snakes. Look for black sequins, faux snakeskin, and touches of bright red or green.


This is your place, you make the rules.... and if that means covering your place with all things Taylor, so be it. Lover is such a dreamy era — pastels, glitter, colored hair — what a vibe. Go for soft fabrics with clouds, tie-dye, and rainbows to channel everything from "The Archer" to "You Need to Calm Down."


We're making a total 180 here as Folklore strips things down to an indie, acoustic sound. Get into the woods and embrace those #cottagecore vibes with ethereal fabrics and textures. Don't fret if old-fashioned isn't your thing — there's a little bit of that classic Taylor party energy with "The Last Great American Dynasty" and the glittery aesthetic of "Mirrorball."


A true #sadgirl album, Evermore is taking those autumn vibes to the max with tons of flannel, earth tones, and plaid. It really makes you wanna light a candle and snuggle up on the couch (and cry your eyes out to "Champagne Problems," or maybe that's just me...). I've looked for cozy designs in burnt orange and dark brown colors. 


Last, but not least, Midnights is Taylor's most recent album with a bit of a different look than the others. The name speaks for itself with plenty of celestial designs in navy and royal blues. There are lots of colors to play with from "Lavender Haze" to "Maroon." Or get into your "Bejeweled "era with gems and jewel tones.

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