Shop Nara Smith's chunky plates from $16 — recreate the playful, contemporary look with designer-backed tips

Those chunky plates all over your FYP? They're totally worth the hype, according to the pros

Piles of chunky plates/colorful plates from Gustaf Westman next to a picture of Nara Smith in a black dress
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Nara Smith's chunky plates have become TikTok's latest style crush. 

The model and social media star took to the platform with a French toast tutorial,  yet followers decided to hone in on her trendy kitchen staples instead. In fairness, her breakfast did look pretty delectable. 

But now that the quirky dinnerware has received viral attention — and it's hard to resist new plates for Sunday brunch — let's figure out how to copy the look at home.

See Nara Smith's chunky plates and prepare to swoon 


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Though the chunky plates have received quite a bit of attention recently, this trend originally started in 2023 with Matilda Djerf's bubble plates gaining viral fame. Both of the kitchenware pieces in question are Gustaf Westman's popular chunky plates ($65/€55), a chic yet cartoonish dish available in an array of fun colors. Unsurprisingly, the handmade goods from Portugal are currently sold out, and have been for weeks.

Jen Nash, head of design at Magnet, claimed that small kitchen ideas are becoming more playful, and items like the chunky plates are all about capturing kitschy flair. While neutrals have been gaining traction in 2024, Jen noted that colorful small kitchens have become FYP-worthy styles everyone's dreaming about.

The designer recommends styling chunky dishes of varying sizes and colors on open shelving units to create depth and texture, but don't limit this aesthetic to one room.

"The key thing to remember with this trend is that it is quirky and playful," she tells Real Homes. "When it comes to incorporating this trend into other living areas, one of the easiest ways to do so is by opting for unusually shaped vases and ceramics. The crazier the color or shape, the better."

Complement the plates with items like Tessco's 2-Piece Ceramic Cloud Mug Cup and Sunflower Coaster at Amazon for your kitchen island decor ideas, and move things over to other locales with help from H&M Home's Small Plant Pot with Bubbles, Urban Outfitters' Avery Ceramic Wall Light, or Urban Outfitters' Codi Flush Mount Light.

"Equally, if you’re looking to embody the trend, consider adding bubble lighting into your living spaces," Jen adds. "With the hashtag #bubblechandelier receiving over 4.9 million views on TikTok, it’s the perfect way to incorporate the playful trend into your home whilst keeping the aesthetic extremely chic and contemporary."

Jen Nash
Jen Nash

Jen Nash is the head of design at Magnet, a renowned kitchen brand. She has expertise in countertops and cabinetry and is an industry expert.

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